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Will Secret's Jun Hyosung be able to surpass Girl's Day's Minah?

Secret's Jun Hyosung made a comeback as a solo singer with her second solo album. On May 7, the female singer held a showcase in Seoul and performed the title track 'Into You' for the first time. She was absolutely attractive and sexy.

Well, however, let's be more realistic. Boa will release her new album on May 12, while it is expected that Girls' Generation's Taeyeon will release her solo album within this year. Do you think Jun Hyosung is as competitive as the two female stars as a solo singer? No, I don't think so. Boa is recognized by everyone as the best female solo singer, while Taeyeon, who will debut as a solo singer, has been active as a main vocalist of Girls' Generation, the most popular kpop girl group. Jun Hyosung has a long way to go if she wants to achieve recognition as a top female solo singer from the public.

By the way, there is another female solo singer who can be comparable to Jun Hyosung. It's Girl's Day's Minah. Minah released her first ever solo album 'I am a woman too' in March 2015.

Jun Hyosung and Minah have something common. First, both of them debuted as solo singers after being active as members of their groups for years. They wanted to make turning points in their careers by doing so. Yeah, they can not be active as members of idol groups for ever, while their solo activities can be a lot of help to their teams. Second, both of them tried to caught eyes of people by showing off their sexy charms. Have you watched both of their stage performances? Yeah, they're so hot.

By the way, it seems that Minah is one step ahead of Jun Hyosung as a solo singer. Let's see. Minah, who is a main vocalist of Girl's Day, showed better singing skill than Jun Hyosung and she also topped MBC Music's 'Show Champion' with her solo song(even though the show is not regarded as a kpop chart show of authority). And it's an undeniable fact that Girl's Day is now more popular than Secret.

I'm not saying Minah is much better than Jun Hyosung. What I want to say is that what Jun Hyosung has to first is to surpass Minah if she wants to range with top female solo singers such as Boa and Lee Hyori. Here are strong point and weak point of Jung Hyosung compared to Minah. Do you think Jun Hyosung will be able to surpass Minah and be raised to top female solo singer?

Jun Hyosung's Strong Point: Curvy and Sexy Body
Jun Hyosung started to gain popularity after the hot body became an online issue. She has curvy and sexy body, and that is the major reason why she is so loved by many male fans. At the showcase, she commented about her sexy image.

"I really like sexy code and I do not want to give up to be sexy. I have "taking off clothes" performance for my new song too. And before releasing the album, I went on diet by exercising steadily. Actually, I was stimulated when I saw myself performing 'Good Night Kiss' because of the fat on my stomach. Instead, I will try to maintain my weight above 46kg for my curvy body."

Jun Hyosung's Weak Point: Lack of Singing Ability and Unlikeable Character
Jun Hyosung is not a bad singer, but I can't say she is the outstanding vocalist either. When she performs on stage, there is no Song Jieun, the main vocalist of Secret, and she has to do all the things by herself. That's why she tried to show her musical growth through her new album.

"I've focused on my vocal training and I think I became stable as a vocalist. The album is full of my musical growth. And I tried not to expose my weakness as a solo singer. I sometimes fell that live performance as solo singer is beyond ability, but I think solo singers should be skilled in live performance. I want to be a healthy, powerful, and sexy diva just like Uhm Jung Hwa and Lee Hyori."

In 2013, Jun Hyosung guested on SBS Power FM's 'Choi Hwa Jung's Power Time' and said "We're a team that respects individuality so we don't democratize the group."

As you know, the word "democratize" is usually used as a positive meaning, but Korean internet community site "Ilbe", which is notorious for its ideological bias has been using the term negatively. After the broadcast, Jun Hyosung was suspected of using the website, while some people were disappointed with her lack of history and political knowledge.

Even though it has been almost 2 years since the incident was occurred, It seems that Jun Hyosung is still receiving criticism regarding the incident and some people consider her as an unlikeable character. Well, she has a long way to go to overcome people's prejudice against her.

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