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The SHINee members talk about each other

From 15-17, SHINee held 'SHINee WORLD IV in SEOUL' at the Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park and drew a total of 30,000 audiences. At the concert, the boy group performed its new songs including to be released on May 18 for the first time. The concert was full of passion, while SHINee electrified its fans by showing high quality performance.

Before the concert, SHINee held a press conference and talked about its new album and concert. Especially, it was interesting to hear the members' ideas about each other.

Q. It has been a year and 2 months since you held an exclusive concert in Korea in March 2014. Have you prepared anything special for the concert?
Jonghyun: We rearranged our songs to maximize each member's charm. And not only the members but also our fans need to take part in the concert. We want our fans to sing, jump, and wave hands together.

Q. You guys dropped tears on the first day of the concert. Why was that?
Key: We had never imagined we would cry on stage this time. After performing our last song, Jonghyun broke down in tears. So I tried to soothe him, but Onew also started to cry. Our hearts were full because it has been a long time since we held a concert in Korea.
Minho: Yeah, we've been really looking forward to the concert. We missed our fans.
Jonghyun: I was so touched by our fans' special event.

Q. Tell me about your new album.
Jonghyun: We felt pressured because we thought that we have to show something new. Just like the meaning of the album's title "Odd," we tried to show off unique charms of SHINee, comprised of 5 odd members. I think we will be able to create a synergy effect.

Q. Onew, it has been months since you had a vocal fold nodules removal surgery. Are you ok?
Onew: I can make sound and talk now. My singing is not perfect yet, but I'm doing my best. I'm getting rehabilitative treatment. Singer Kim Yeon Woo helped me a lot. He visited the concert hall today, and it's so happy for me to sing in front of him.
Jonghyun: He couldn't even talk after having the surgery. He looked very stressed. After he started to sing, he looked so happy and I hope many fans will be touched by his resonant voice.

Q. Jonghyun, you took part in writing 'Odd Eye' and 'View' to be released soon. How was your work?
Jonghyun: It is the first time for me to take part in writing SHINee's songs, so I was afraid when I was writing 'Odd Eye'. But as we've been together for a long time and I know the members very well, I tried to express each member's characteristic through the song. Working on the music, I got to know about the members better. And I wrote the lyrics of 'View'. Many lyric writers wrote the song's lyrics but Lee Soo Man chose my lyrics. When I met him at SM staff's wedding, he said "It was great." I felt relieved to hear that. The lyrics include poetic expressions which have many synaesthetic imagery.

Q. Will you continue to take part in writing SHINee's song?
Jonghyun: At first, I tried not to write SHINee's song because I wanted to focus on my role as a member of SHINee. However, I can take part in writing SHINee's songs if I'm inspired by the members.

Q. It has been 7 years since you debuted in 2008. Taemin, who was a middle school student, now became a mature man. What is your future goal?
Onew: Since we debuted 7 years ago, we've been growing up with many fans. For years to come, I want to talk about many things with them. They're like our friends and lovers.
Minho: Time flies. I thank for being able to be together for a long time. There are still many things left to show.

Q. You said you guys are odd members. Let's talk about each member's characteristic.

Onew: He usually breaks his ass on one thing. For example, he emits and explosive energy when he practices singing and dancing. He is the one who converts ideas into action.

Taemin: He has AB blood type and is left-handed. Both of them are unique characteristics. I think he has that kind of charm and shows his ability in music.

Jonghyun: When I saw him for the first time, I thought he's handsome, tall, and good at exercise. I think he looks odd because he is beside the 4 odd members. He stands out because he is with us. People said he'd better change his style by wearing color lenses and changing his hairdo, but he has been pushing forward by acting according to his belief.

Minho: He is a quick learner. He can tackle any difficult fashion and music with ease. 
Jonghyun: Let me make an additional remark. He took part in many things about our concert and new album. And he still remembers choreography that we learned 8 years ago. I;m blown away by his great ability to learn something.

Key: Onew is really versatile. When I'm with him, I usually think he is very odd. He ust looks mild and calm when he is seen in public, but he has different characteristics inside him.
Minho: He is dexterous. And actually, he looks like Minguk.(Actor Song Ilguk's son who is appearing on 'The Return of the Superman') I think he takes after Minguk more and more each day, haha.
Jonghyun: He does anything he can do with his hands. He cracks a walnut and twirls a table. I hope he will give off all of his charms through our activities for the new album.

Do you think the two resemble each other? :)

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