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Interview with BEAST Jang Hyun Seung: He says Big Bang is a really huge name

Q. You release your solo album. What made you decide to debut as a solo singer?
Hyunseung: I think all the idol singers dream of it. As a member of group, it is hard to show my own character. But I can show off my identity as a solo singer. I think BEAST is a very attractive team, and I want to prove that the BEAST members are not only competent as a team but also as solo singers.

Q. So, is there any difference between your activity as a member of you team and as a solo singer?
Hyunseung: We need to achieve a comprise during our group activity. If I speak up, it makes the other members tired. However, I took part in many things about my solo album. I took part in making costumes, choreography, and teaser video. I think it made our company employees tired.(laugh) So I titled the album "My."

Q. What is your goal as a solo singer?
Hyunseung: I do not enjoy business. And I do not want to show exaggerated performance. I want to carry weight with a lot of people as a solo singer.

Q. It seems that you always try to show off your sexy charm on stage.
Hyunseung: Frankly speaking, I'm not that sexy man. Through my solo album, I tried to show my cute and bright side. There are some sexy scenes in the music video, but it's nothing like what I did as a member of BEAST and Trouble Maker.

Q. You filmed sexy scenes with actress Hwang Seung Un. How was it?
Hyunseung: Yeah, I scribble on her breasts and kiss her inside the elevator. I was not close with her and it was so embarrassing to film such scenes. When I filmed sexy scenes with Hyuna, it was much more easy because she is my labelmate. I think Hwang Seung Un led me well. And the elevator scene was much more erotic, but it's edited. It was not a real kiss.

Q. Don't you feel any pressure when people say your are a representative sexy male singer?
Hyunseung: Yeah, I feel uncomfortable about the title. I think blatant kind of sexy concept is not adapted to me. I wanted to convey natural and casual feelings through my solo album.

Q. What was the hardest thing about releasing your solo album?
Hyunseung: It was really hard to select the title track. I eventually selected 'Ma First' as a title track, but 'Breakup with him' is a great song too. I've worked on 'Breakup with him' for a month and a half.

Q. Big Bang made a comeback by releasing its new songs 'LOSER' and 'BAE BAE' on May 1. Don't you feel uncomfortable releasing your album around the same time?
Hyunseung: Big Bang is a really huge name. It's just absurd that I face off against the group. Actually, I didn't want to release my album in May but it couldn't be helped due to fixed schedules. I filmed a documentary program with them when I was a trainee, and I'm proud of them for growing up as a huge group. And it's happy that I'm also loved by many people as a member of BEAST.

Q. What is your real personality like?
Hyunseung: I'm not the right man for being an entertainer. I'm not active and I'm afraid of strangers. And I'm quiet and enjoy being alone. I think I was lucky. Fortunately, I'm excited when I perform on stage.

Q. When you date somebody, do you usually lead her?
Hyunseung: No, I think I'm a bad guy. Even if I like somebody, I do not give her everything. I have a curt manner when I date, and I do not cling to girls. If it's over, it's over.

Q. Don't have plan to write your own songs?
Hyunseung: I have an urge to write my own songs. I want to show off my musical talent and earn royalties. I usually write lyrics and make melodies but I think I'm not better than professional song writers yet.

Q. Tell me about BEAST's comeback plan.
Hyunseung: We're working on the album. Please wait a bit longer. I think we will be able to make a comeback before summer is over.

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