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How the Red Velvet members react to the other members' Aegyo

1. Yeri's Aegyo
Oh, she's cute.. But look at Joy and Irene's reaction. Joy says "What's that look for?" and Irene is like "Umm.."

Seulgi and Wendy are at a loss what to do now.

Yeri shows another Aegyo and it seems like Irene can't bear to see her Aegyo any more. 

I think Seulgi really likes the youngest member's Aegyo.

2. Seulgi's Aegyo
Ok, it's Seulgi's turn. 1, 2 and... Yeah, she's cute but she seems not to be used to Aegyo. 

Joy is avoiding Seulgi's eyes..

Seulgi is in panic.

Anyway, thank you for your effort, girls. :)

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