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Jinusean says Big Bang will release best ever album

On April 15, a legendary Korean hip hop duo Jinusean made a comeback with its new song 'Tell me one more time'. It is the group's first song in 11 years, while the two members, Jinu and Sean held a press conference to celebrate its album release. At the event, they talked about their new song, long hiatus, YG, and Big Bang's upcoming new album. Let's see what they talked about them.

Q. You released your new song after a long hiatus. How do you feel?
Sean: When we released our song 'Phone number' in 2004, nobody in kpop world wasn't interested in a digital single album. Actually, 'Tell me one more time' is our first ever digital single. It's an interesting thing in itself to release a digital single.
Jinu: Thank Tablo for writing the great song. And thanks to Yang Hyun Suk, we were able to finish all the things about the song just in a month. We do want to honor YG family.

Q. What have you done for the last 11 years?
Sean: We focused on training juniors and taking care of their activities in foreign countries. Now, we're planning for our activities overseas. I've always been dreaming of performing on stage.
Jinu: Yeah, we're looking forward to our activities overseas. When we perform in front of overseas fans, I think we have to conceal our age. Please close your eyes to our white lie.(He was born in 1971 and Sean was born in 1972) I didn't have the heart to make a come back as a singer, but I thought this was our last chance.

Q. Tell me about 'Tell me one more time'. YG's trainee Jang Hanna is featured in the song as a singer.
Sean: It's a easy-listening new disco music. At first, Jang Hanna sang a demo version of the song, and I thought her voice is really suitable for the song.
Jinu: Her voice is very attractive.

Q. Didn't YG family say something about your comeback?
Sean: Epik High told us that they thank us for releasing the song. They had worries about their future because they were worried if they can do hip hop music even when they get old.
Jinu: Winner, Lee Hi, and iKON congratulated us on releasing new song by sending text messages. Frankly speaking, they do not send us text messages at other times.(laugh) And, oh, Big Bang's G-Dragon and Taeyang also congratulated us. The two were originally planned to appear on our music video, but they couldn't because of their schedule in LA. I've already listened to Big Bang's upcoming new songs to be released in May. I think it will be Big Bang's best ever album. Big Bang is some piece of work. Just 2 weeks left for Jinusean to promote 'Tell me one more time', haha. Yang Hyun Suk said that we have to be honored to be second behind Big Bang.

Q. You have perform on various music chart shows. Is your stamina OK?
Jinu: I think Sean is OK because he ran in a marathon. I will try not to collapse on stage. I watched our old videos and we were so energetic. Now, I don't think I can do that. Yang Hyun Suk designed the choreography for 'Tell me one more time'.

Q. Will you release your next album?
Jinu: YG's producers including Teddy, Tablo, and Psy are now working hard on our new songs. I think we can release our new album within this year.

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