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Establishment of EXO Lay's Workshop in China and SM in a dilemma

As it was reported, SM entertainment had set up a new branch in China. It is "Lay Workshop," which will provide a full support to the Chinese idol star's activity in the country.

"With no doubt, SM decided to do this to prevent Lay's breakaway from EXO. SM has already lost 2 talented Chinese members, Kris and Luhan, and withdrawal of Lay from EXO will be fatal to both the group and the company. Kris was EXO-M's leader, while Luhan was the most popular Chinese member of EXO. Both of them left their team due to the temptation of Chinese market. Who do you think is the next? Yeah, it's Lay. After Kris and Luhan left EXO, SM started to specially care about its Chinese idol stars. Super Junior-M's Zhoumi released his solo album, while Lay began filming Chinese movie."

It is very exceptional for SM to establish its foreign artist's individual workshop. Well, the company has tried to control its foreign artists on equal terms with Korean artists. However, after Kris and Luhan left their team, the company realized that it needs something else to control foreign artists. Actually, it sure is a dilemma for SM that they should make its foreign artists popular, but they can be exposed to temptation of Chinese market if they become popular.

So, do you think Lay will not leave EXO for ever? For now, it's highly unlikely that he will leave the team. SM is taking care of everything about him, and he is so satisfied with his life now. Of course, things always can change, while it seems that another Chinese EXO Tao is in danger.

Unlike Lay, he doesn't seem so interested in his activities in Korea. After he hurt his ankle, he couldn't take part in EXO's exclusive concert and the group's performance on various music chart shows. He has been in a state of clinical depression. His friends Kris and Luhan are active in China, and Lay is receiving a special treatment from SM. But what about Tao? Even though the EXO members always say in a public place, "We love Lay and Tao," Tao needs to refresh himself to continue his smooth activity as a member of EXO.

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