Taeyang vs. Yoseob vs. Jonghyun: Who is the best main vocalist?

"Big Bang's Taeyang has soulful voice and he exactly knows how to sing R&B and hip hop music. As you can hear from the idol star's hit 'Eyes, Nose, Lips', his attractive voice can move people emotionally without any complex instrumental accompaniment. He has proven his outstanding singing ability many times through his concerts, and the most memorable moment for me was when he sang Big Bang's hits a capella and impressed all the audience."

"BEAST's Yang Yoseob looks like a pretty boy, but his voice is really appealing. His live singing is really stable. Many song writers say Yoseob is the best idol vocalist because he has an ability to maximize fascination of songs. Even if a song is common and featureless, it can be recreated by Yoseob, who can add flavor to the song. Of course, Yong Junhyung writes BEAST's many attractive songs, but it is Yoseob who expresses feelings and emotions of the songs."

"SHINee's Jonghyun has very energetic and powerful voice. Have you ever watched his live performance? He really dominates the stage. Of course, the other SHINee members have great singing abilities too, but Jonghyun stands head and shoulders above the others. He has sufficient basic singing skills, while he is also good at expressing emotions. Add to this, he showed off his talent as a singer songwriter by taking part in writing all the tracks of his solo album."