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Fans argue over EXO Sehun and Tao's smoking

Have you seen this photo of EXO's Sehun and Tao? Yeah, in the photo revealed through online, Sehun is holding a cigarette in his hand, while Tao is about to draw deeply on one´s cigarette. Did you know the two members smoke?

"Well, after the photo was revealed, fans are arguing over Sehun and Tao's smoking. Some say it's just OK for them to smoke because they are not minors, while others, especially male fans, say it's none of their business even if Sehun and Tao smoke. However, some of fans insist that it is just a photo trick, saying Sehun and Tao never smoke. Do you think the photo is manipulated? Well, I don't think so, but my opinion on the photo is just like ordinary male fans'. Yeah, I think it's none of my business even if they smoke. Of course, idol stars must be more careful about their actions because the stars' actions have a major effect on their fans, who are generally at a very impressionable age. And apart from that, smoking is not good for our health. However, I think smoking is a part of their private life and it is ok if they still can show high quality performance. What do you think? There are not a few singers who smoke."

By the way, after the photo was revealed, some people are talking about the past of two famous idol stars. Those are EXO's Baekhyun and Big Bang's G-Dragon.

This is Baekhyun's old picture. Talking about this photo, some pointed out that he started smoking as a teenager. They are blaming Sehun, Tao, and Baekhyun at the same time.

Ok, this is GD. He appeared on SBS' 'Healing Camp' in 2012 and explained about his smoking marijuana. As you may know, he had a drug scandal involving smoking marijuana at some club in Japan in 2011, while he explained, "I went to the restroom, and someone offered me a cigarette. I thought it would be rude to refuse, so I accepted it without giving it a second thought." People who are talking about GD after seeing a photo of Sehun and Tao smoking insist that the two young idols didn't do nothing wrong compared to GD. 

It seems that Sehun and Tao's photo has provoked a fight between fans of EXO and Big Bang. Well, anyway, the fact remains that cigarettes are only good for doing harm. Cigarettes are deadly and addictive, while cigarettes kill hundreds of thousands of people every year in the world.

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