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Was 4minute's Hyuna sexually harassed by Korean magazine?

Korean magazine Grazia has been at the center of criticisms because it is considered that the magazine's sexual expression about 4minute's Hyuna went too far.

The picture above shows how the magazine commented about Hyuna. It says:

The most attractive points
Her hips that remind people of the instinct of nymphomaniac natives of Jamaica, and her vacant expression on her face with her mouth open slightly.
Never-to-be-forgotten moment of Hyuna
She lowered her upper body and showed her white panties when she performed Trouble Maker's song on stage, wearing a leopard printed dress.

Why do females hate Hyuna?
They have inferiority complex from not being able to be as sexy as Hyuna.

"So, what do you think? With no doubt, Hyuna is the most popular sexy idol star now. And for mass media, using sexy stars who exude sex appeal just like Hyuna is a very useful measure to catch eyes of people. However, mass media sometimes goes too far. Mass media wants to excite people’s imagination, and Hyuna treated as a sex object whether she plays along or not. The interesting thing is that Hyuna seems not to give any thought to eyes of others around her. Hyuna, who is unexpectedly innocent but is a woman of great self-respect, has been just doing her stuff as an idol star."

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