Does Eddy Kim Resemble Michael Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruno Mars and more?

Have you heard about the name Eddy Kim? Well, if you are a fan of kpop and you watched Mnet's audition program 'Super Star K', you may know him. The singer, who debuted in 2014 made a comeback with his new ballad song 'My Love'.

By the way, people say Eddy Kim resembles many celebrities including Michael Jackson, Samuel L. Jackson, Bruno Mars, Lee Seo Jin, f(x)'s Amber, Park Jing Young, and even Ronaldinho. What do you think? You think he resembles all the celebrities?

"When I met Eddy Kim, he was calm and polite. Instead, his passion and expectations about music was on another level. He knew that his music has less popular appeal than idol stars' music, but he said that he wants to win recognition from the public by working hard to make a great album. The singer-song writer writes his own characteristic music. Oh, his appearance? Well, he was not as handsome as idol stars, but I think he's attractive enough to charm female fans."

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