4minute and Infinite H's new songs deemed inappropriate for broadcast

4minute and Infinite H's new songs were deemed inappropriate for broadcast by KBS.

On February 4, KBS announced that 4minutes' 'Just do the first verse' and Infinite H's 'As long as you're not crazy' were banned for its use of slang and vulgar language. 'Just do the first verse' will be included in 4minute's upcoming new album to be released on February 9, while 'As long as you're not crazy' is included in Infinite H's recent new album that was released on January 26, 2015.

4minute's 'Just do the first verse' includes lyrics like "Rude little bastard? Think about it. Do you advise for me, or are you just tackling me, you old fart?" And 'As long as you're not crazy' has lyrics like "You unchaste female," "You are dirtier than garbage." Well, what do you think? The broadcasting regulations are too much? Actually, KBS is the most conservative broadcasting company in Korea. KBS sometimes seems to want kpop singers to sing children's songs. 

4minute planned to perform 'Just do the first verse' on various music chart shows along with its title track 'Crazy'. However, since the song was deemed inappropriate for broadcast by KBS, its agency Cube entertainment is now considering what to do.

"I think 4minute does not need to modify the lyrics because the song is not the title track. And so with Infinite H's case. Anyway, It's quite notable that the two idol groups try to differentiate themselves from the other idols by releasing powerful hip hop music that includes some slangs and curses. Through its upcoming new alum, 4minute, well know for its super sexy member Hyuna, will show some hot stuffs. It will be very important album for the group because it seems that the group is falling behind in kpop world now due to steep rises of younger girl groups including Girl's Day and APink."

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