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A Few Reasons For a Strange Contraflow on Kpop Music Chart

In the fast-moving Kpop world, it is really hard for Kpop singers to maintain upper position on online music charts. As a variety of new songs come out everyday, the old song yields the top position to the new one, naturally. However, some of the songs go against the flow. It's the contraflow on Kpop music chart. Well, the songs, miraculously, move up in the ranking as time goes by. Here are a few reasons for a strange contraflow on kpop music chart.

Great Popularity of Sexy Fancam
Kpop girl group EXID released its new song 'Up & Down' last August. The group has gained attention from people as it has been about 2 years since it released its new song, but, the group had to have poorer result than expected. 'Up & Down' was not a top-ranking song on various Korean online music chart.

However, the song recently started to move up in the music ranking. It has been about 3 months since it was released, but 'Up & Down' is now at the upper positions of a variety music charts, surprising many Kpop fans.

Well, what triggered the song's strange contraflow was a YouTube video which was filmed by EXID's ordinary fan. The fancam focused on the group's member Hani became a national topic of conversation among Korean music fans, and it led to EXID's astonishing success. In the video, Hani captures eyes of people by showing off her super sexy charm. Check out the video.

Popular TV Shows Make Songs Popular
Do you like Korean entertainment programs such as 'Super Star K' and 'Hidden Singer'? As you may know, the programs are about music, and you can listen to various genres of music through the programs.

By the way, due to the nature of the programs('Super Star K' is an audition program and 'Hidden Singer' is an impersonator contest), people who appear on the programs frequently sing old Kpops.

For example, Lim Hyun Woo, who auditioned 'Super Star K'(He is well known as a disciple of the program's judge Lee Seung Chul), sang POSTMEN's 'I can't go to Shinchon' on the program. After that, 'I can't go to Shinchon', which was released a year and 10 months ago, started to move up on various online music charts.(Shinchon is a bustling university town)

By the same token, songs of famous Kpop stars including Lim Chang Jung, Wheesung, Lee Juck, and Lee Seung Hwan, who appeared on 'Hidden Singer', made contraflows on online music charts after the program was aired.

Seasonal Influence
Busker Busker's 'Cherry Blossom Ending' is a representative song that makes a contraflow on Kpop charts. As you can see from the title of the song, the song is a song for spring. When the song was released in the spring of 2012, the song gained great popularity. But it seemed that the song was naturally forgotten by people as time goes by. By the way, surprisingly, the song moved up on online music charts every spring. In the spring of 2013 and 2014, the song topped various music charts again.

For this reason, Korean people usually call the song "Spring Carol" or "Cherry Blossom Pension." (The reason why people call the song "Cherry Blossom Pension" is that Busker Busker can gain royalty every spring)

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