YG's Masta Wu to Release his New Single with Dok2 and iKON's Bobby

YG entertainment's rapper Masta Wu will release his new single.

Through the agency's second hip hop project, Masta Wu will release his single 'Come here' on December 2, while two other talented Korean rappers, Dok2 and iKON's Bobby, will be featured in the music.(YG's first hip hop project was G-Dragon and Taeyang's 'Good boy'.)

It has been about 6 years since Masta Wu released his album as a member of YMGA, comprised DM and Masta Wu himself, and it is expected that the rapper will capture Korean hip hop fans' hearts with his brand new music. During his hiatus, he has been busy producing YG artists' songs, especially those of Lee hi.

Dok2 is one of the Korean rappers who are taking the center stage of Korean hip hop scene, while Bobby will make a debut as a member of YG's rookie group iKON at the beginning of next year.

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