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Kpop Album Review: APink Takes the Initiative with its 90s-Style Kpop Girl Group Music

APink released its new album 'Pink LUV' on November 24, while the album has a total of 5 songs including the title track 'LUV'. Have you listened to the album? As soon as being released, 'LUV' topped various online music charts, and APink absolutely proved its dominance in the world of Kpop.

Well, there are some reasons for APink's success. Pretty and lovely looks of the members? Yes, of course. But, I mean, in terms of music, APink has some unique characteristics.

You may have heard of some of legendary Kpop girl groups' names such as SES and Fin.K.L. SES and Fin.K.L are called first generation Kpop girl groups, while the girl groups were hugely popular in the 90s. You can say that the groups are the roots of second and third generation Kpop girl groups such as Girls' Generation, 2NE1, Wonder Girls, f(x), Girl's Day, and APink because lots of Kpop agencies followed the example of SES and Fin.K.L in producing new girl groups.

For the last 20 years, there have been so many Kpop girl groups, and the musical styles of the girl groups gradually changed too. Actually, idol music goes out of date very, very quickly these days.

However, APink's new song 'LUV' goes against the trend. The song reminds people of Kpop girl groups' music in the 90s, while the song's melody progresses in a similar way to SES or Fin.K.L's old hits. As you can see in the case of APink's another song 'NoNoNo' too, the girl group has been sticking to this strategy for years. Because of this, yes, there sometimes has been a plagiarism controversy over APink's album. But I think it's quite a smart strategy. Why?

The repetitive chorus of 'LUV' including the lyrics "L.O.V.E LUV" is very very catchy, and the rhythm and melody of the song are easy to learn, while Korean music fans who are familiar to 90s-style kpop girl group music, may feel like they've listened to the song before. These days, there's very few Kpop girl groups who release songs that have a simple, retro-style melody just like APink. In this way, APink was able to differentiate it from other girl groups, and took the initiative in the world of Kpop.

And one more thing. APink has maintained its pure and innocent concept since its debut in 2011. But this time, it looks that the members became a little bit more mature. It's autumn, and it seems that the girl group's agency wanted to express some autumnal feelings, while 'LUV' is about a woman who experienced parting.

Even though I can't find any other musically impressive tracks in the album, it is certain that APink succeeded in giving off its own charm through 'LUV'.(Park Chorong took part in writing the lyrics for 'Wanna Be'. The lyrics are about unrequited love. My evaluation for the lyrics? Not bad) And the group proved that it is now one of the most popular young Kpop girl groups along with Girl's Day.

Oh, and I want to specifically mention about APink's main vocalist Jung Eunji. The female Kpop star who is well known for her great singing skill, shows off her fabulous voice through the album. If it were not for Eunji, the songs would be indifferent tracks.

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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!