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HI SUHYUN Opens Heart About its Album and YG

Two teen girls are making waves in the Korean music scene. YG entertainment's new sub unit HI SUHYUN, comprised of Lee hi and Akdong Musician's Lee Suhyun(Soohyun) released its debut song 'I'm different' on November 11 and has topped a variety of online music charts. The two talented teen girls gave interviews to various Korean media outlets. About each other, Lee Hi said "Suhyun always pets me, and she said that I'm a rabbit and she wants to own me," while Suhyun stated, "Hi always dances at dawn. At first, I thought her strange, but I dance with her now. I'm happy with her." Let's see what they talked about their new album and YG.

Lee Hi said "I was very nervous before I released the song because HI SUHYUN was my new challenge. I didn't ever expect that the song will top various music charts. We embraced each other and shouted for joy. I was happier than when I topped the music charts with my solo song."

Lee Hi and Lee Suhyun are still in their teens, but they are smooth and fluent on stage. However, when I met them face to face, they were not different from other teens. They were lively, cheerful, and innocent. Instead, they had solid views on their occupations.

Suhyun said "I was very nervous too. We were running around squealing with excitement when we heard that our song took over the first place of music chart."

As a member of Akdong Musician, comprised of Suhyun herself and her older brother Lee Chanhyuk, Suhyun released the duo's debut album last April and made a sensational debut by sweeping all the music charts.

Suhyun stated, "As I'm not with my brother now, I have to do it all on my own. But, I think that is very helpful to me. It was so fresh to work with Lee Hi. We burst out laughing when we were recording the song, and we were hugging each other when we were filming a music video. I think Chanhyuk is jealous of me."

Lee Hi has a soulful voice and she usually sings retro soul and R&B, while Suhyun has gained great popularity with her clear voice and folk music. The two contrast strikingly, but they showed an impressive harmony through their song.

"As we have different voice tones, it was not easy to get started. However, I was surprised that we mixed so well with each other." - Lee Hi

Lee Hi added, "I was able to learn a lot from her because she has totally different voice from me."

"She has a soulful voice, and I really like that kind of voice tone. She has her own unique singing style. Frankly speaking, I'm not a good vocalist. I envy her."

Bobby, YG's rookie group iKON's member to make a debut at the beginning of next year, was featured as a rapper in the song.

Suhyun showed affection for the rapper, stating, "Bobby's rap was just awesome. I asked Yang Hyun Suk to increase Bobby's part, but we ran out of time. Through Akdong Musician's new album, I want to do something more gorgeous with Bobby."

Through the music video of 'I'm different', Suhyun acted a love triangle with Bobby. However, she said, "Kimbob(Bobby's nickname) is just like my real older brother."

The two teenage girls are helped by the strong backing by Yang Hyun Suk. Through SBS' audition program 'Kpop star', he selected them as family members of YG, and he was the one who decided to release a song of the distinctive combination.

About Yang Hyun Suk, Lee Hi said "I like songs of various genres and I want to take part in various artists' albums. However, Yang Hyun Suk usually applies sanctions against it. He takes care of every single thing about my album. He sometimes gives me a good scolding."

However, Suhyun said, "When I recorded Akdong Musician's songs, he interfered not once."

It looked that Suhyun wanted to receive attention from Yang Hyun Suk, but there is a good reason for his twofold behavior. He usually let the artists do what they want to do if the artists can make their own songs(GD, Epik High, Psy, Akdong Musician and more) because it is important for the artists to maintain unique characteristics of their music. However, Yang Hyun Suk usually takes care of every single thing about albums of YG artists who can't make their own songs(Lee Hi), giving strong support.

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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!