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AOA vs. APink: Girl Group Battle for the Next Girls' Generation

Kpop girl groups AOA and APink will face off against each other through their upcoming new albums. AOA will release its new song 'Like a cat' on November 11, while it has been about 5 months since the group released its hit 'Short hair' last June. And APink, who gained great popularity with its hit 'Mr. Chu' released last March, will release its new song on November 17.

AOA and APink are two of the Kpop girl groups who are recently continuing their sweeping upturns. In early 2014, AOA topped music chart show for the first time since its debut with its hit 'Mini Skirt'. After that, the group made success of its another hit 'Short hair', rising up as a top class Kpop girl group.

APink also became one of the leading girl groups in the world of Kpop through its hits such as 'NoNoNo' and 'Mr. Chu'. The two groups' members, who are also active in their individual activities, are very much loved by Korean soldiers. (Check out The Reason Why Kpop Girl Groups Perform In Front Of Soldiers)

Senior girl groups who debuted before 2010, such as Girls' Generation and 2NE1, have been at the summit of Kpop world for years. In such circumstances, interest is on whether AOA and APink can have the chance to leapfrog over their senior girl groups through their face-to-face confrontation.

Korean girl groups such as Girls' Generation and Kara have been very popular in Japanese market, leading the 'Hallyu' in the country. However, it's true that the Hallyu market began to shrink, and people working in Kpop industry worry that Hallyu is slowly dying in Japan. So, as you can see in the cases of EXO-M and Super Junior-M, Kpop agencies are set on taking over the markets in China.

In such circumstances, AOA and APink released their debut albums in Japan, while it is expected that the two girl groups will be a breath of fresh air into shrinking Hallyu market in the country.

AOA released its Japanese debut single 'Mini Skirt' on October 1. As soon as being released, the album topped Tower Records' world chart, while October 1 was designated as the day of AOA in Japan. The group received great attention from Japanese music labels even before making a debut in the country and was also invited to perform at Japan's famous music festival 'A-nation 2014' and 'Tokyo Runway 2014'.

APink's Japanese debut album 'NoNoNo' was released on October 22. To celebrate its debut in the country, APink held special events in Osaka, Nagoya, and Kawasaki, while a total of 20,000 fans visited there to see the 6 pretty members. The group's debut album was ranked at No.4 on Oricon's weekly chart.

As you may know, countless rookie girl groups debut every year, dreaming of a huge success in the world of Kpop. And there are two general types of Kpop girl group. Those are Sexy girl group and innocent girl group. Sexy girl groups sometimes gain great popularity among people, but sometimes, innocent girl groups win great success.

Since its debut in 2012, AOA received attention from people because of its special method of activity which combined two different forms of the team, rock band and girl group. However, it was a sexy dance music 'Confused' that made the group famous, and after a hit of the song, AOA has been maintaining its sexy concept through its songs such as 'Mini Skirt' and 'Short hair'.

On the contrary, APink has steadily been maintaining its innocent concept since its debut in 2011. Through its hits such as 'My My', 'BUBIBU', and more, the girl group members showed off their innocent and lovely charm, catching eyes of many fans.

So, face-to-face confrontation between AOA and APink can be said to be a war between sexy girl group and innocent girl group. How about you? Do you prefer sexy girl group or innocent girl group?

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Kpop Secret (Full Edition) is released!