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Secret's Song Ji Eun Says Career is More Important to her than Romance

Secret's Song Ji Eun released her first solo mini album on October 14 that has a total of 5 songs including the title track '25'. It is notable that the female idol who sang emotional ballad songs such as 'Going crazy' and 'Don't look at me like that' went to a big change through the album. '25' is a cheerful dance music and Song Ji Eun's choreography for the song is quite vivacious too.

On October 14, Song Ji Eun held a comeback showcase for her new album and performed '25' for the first time. She stated, "I was really tense before I hit the stage, but I think I did a good job as I prepared."

Let's see what Song Ji Eun told at the event.

Q. Tell me about your new album.
Ji Eun: It's about my own story. The album includes my first ever own song and first ever solo dance music. The album is really meaningful to me.

Q. What does the age 25 mean to you?
Ji Eun: I'm not saying that people who are 25 years old are pretty. I think confident people are all pretty. It can be when you are 20 or 30. It depends on how you think. I think I'm at the prettiest age now.

Q. Isn't it uncomfortable for you to be active as a solo singer?
Ji Eun: Actually, I'm really thrilled now. Many years from now, I may look back on these days as the brightest moment of my life. I'm very excited to think about showing my new aspects to my fans. I want to enjoy my activity as a solo singer.

Q. Tell me your choreography for '25'.
Ji Eun: The choreography reminds me of a girl who is jumping rope. The choreography is very easy as it seems, but it's really hard to dance to the cheerful beat of the song.

Q. The other Secret members have been busy doing their individual activities too.
Ji Eun: I'm always so proud of them. It's never easy to do an individual activity as a member of idol group. I thought that I should not be the loser of the race because my fault can have a bad effect on my team.

Q. Through the album, what do you want to show your fans?
Ji Eun: Please pay attention to my transformation from a girl to a woman. Besides innocent charm, I have various charms. When I filmed a music video for '25', I felt sleepy and I gazed at the camera with bleary eyes. I think it was sexy.

Q. Didn't the Secret members send a message of support to you?
Ji Eun: Actually, yesterday was Secret's 5th anniversary, and at the same time, Jeon Hyo Sung's birthday. All the members and our fans got together and had a wonderful time. I think the other members are proud of me. Han Sun Hwa said I've grown up a lot as a singer.

Q. How will you differentiate yourself from other female solo singers such as Ailee and IU?
Ji Eun: I worried about it so much before releasing my first ever solo dance music. Well, I think it's my eyes. My eyes have a different feel.

Q. As you get older, don't you feel any changes regarding your attitude?
Ji Eun: In my early 20s, what other people think of me was really important to me. However, this year, I became a positive thinker. Nothing is important than loving myself and being confident of myself.

Q. Which will you choose? Your career or your romance?
Ji Eun: Needless to say, I will choose my career. It's so happy to sing and dance in front of many people. And it is a satisfying job for me to please many people by performing on stage. 

Q. How do you take care of your appearance?
Ji Eun: Actually, it's all thanks to my staff members. Before I sing a song on stage, so many staff members offer assistance to me. Without the support of them, nothing is possible.

Q. The album has your own song 'Star'. Tell me about the song.
Ji Eun: I intentionally didn't write a song that has a hook and catchy melody. I just wanted to tell my story. I like dawn. And there are no people at dawn. I'm like a shining star on stage, but at dawn, I feel lonely and forlorn, while stars shining in the night sky looked lonely just like me. The song is about such story.

Q. What will you do if you top a music chart show with your new song?
Ji Eun: I will invite 25-year-old people from around the country and enjoy teatime.

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