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How Could SHINee's Taemin Become an Ace in Kpop World For Himself?

SHINee's Taemin made a successful debut as a solo singer. With his solo song 'Danger' that was released on August 18, the idol star topped KBS' 'Music Bank' and MBC's 'Show Music Core'. As a member of SHINee, who debuted in 2008, Taemin has gained great popularity, but it is notable that he got to the summit of Kpop world without the other SHINee members' help. Then, how could Taemin become an ace the world of Kpop for himself?

During his 7-year-old singing career, Taemin had diverse experience by performing on a variety of stages. However, he felt so burdened about his first ever solo album because he had to show something unusual about him and obtain a good result befitting his big name.

Well, Taemin overcame his burden by putting enormous effort into his album. Taemin, who was once nicknamed tone-deaf by his friends, is acknowledged as a representative Kpop singer who works really hard. Before releasing his solo album, he has focused much energy on practicing and lost 3 kilograms.

The choreography of 'Danger' was designed by a famous urban hip hop choreographer Ian Eastwood, while Taemin personally visited a dance studio located in LA to learn the choreography and practiced it day and night.

Taemin's album includes 6 songs of various genres. Famous hit makers such as Teddy Riley, The Underdogs, Thomas Troelsen, and Kenzie took part in writing the songs, and the high quality album received a passing mark by people in the world of Kpop.

Especially, Taemin caught eyes of people by showing an extreme makeover. As he was only 15 when he debuted as a member of SHINee and he has been the group's youngest member, Taemin has been regarded as a cute and shy boy.
But, through 'Danger', an electronic swing music that has impressive synth sound, Taemin showed off his charm as a mature man. His smoky makeup was a good addition to the music too because it put glamour to Taemin's performance. His performance can be compared to that of sexy Kpop solo male artists such as Yoo Seung Joon and Rain.

SM entertainment's various artists took part in Taemin's solo album to empower him. TVXQ's max Changmin wrote the lyrics of 'ACE', while SHINee's Jonghyun took part in writing 'Pretty boy' and EXO's Kai, who is a great friend of Taemin, was featured in the song as a rapper. Thanks to SM artists' full support, Taemin could fill his album with various attractive tracks.

However, it was not just SM artists who fully supported Taemin. His fans also provided a boost to the success of the singer's solo album. Taemin has a firm fan base, and at SMTOWN Live concert held on August 15, I could confirm that he is one of the most popular star among SM's artists.

Loyalty of certain idol star's fandom can be judged by the star's album sales, while Taemin has topped various album sales charts including Hanteo, Gaon, Hot Tracks and more since he released his solo album.


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