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Big Bang's TOP Says He is the Man Who Should Make his Fans Happy

Big Bang's TOP is a veteran Kpop idol who debuted in 2006. As a representative Kpop star, he is gaining great popularity at home and abroad. However, he lives another life as an actor on screen. He debuted as an actor in 2010 by appearing in 'Into the fire' and starred in 'The commitment' in 2013. And then, he played the lead role in 'The war of flower 2', or 'Tazza 2', that was released on September 3. He is not a top actor yet, but is recognized as a promising young actor.
Recently, I interviewed TOP. He had a firm faith in what he's doing, and didn't try to gloss over things. When I asked "Which movie director do you want to work with next time?" he joked, "May be Guus Hiddink?" showing off his seasoned attitude as a veteran entertainer.(As some of you may know, Guus Hiddink is a famous football manager who headed Korean national soccer team in 2002 World Cup)

'The war of flower 1', the film released in 2006, made a big success and the movie's leading actor Cho Seung Woo showed perfect performance. For this reason, TOP, who had to show as good performance as Cho Seung Woo and make his movie popular among Korean audiences, was under pressure.

He said "I knew that there was a risk and it's lie to tell that I've never felt pressure. After reading the scenario for the first time, I've pondered on whether to appear in the movie for months. The director Kang Hyung Chul gave me energy and I became confident in some unexplained way."

As I mentioned before on this article, TOP did pretty well. The charismatic rapper TOP played a mischievous character who shows a hypocritical act.

To this, TOP stated, "With advancing years, people become fearful and talk selectively about everything. When I was playing the character, I felt like I recovered my character I've had in my childhood. The character was also very cathartic for me."

Many Kpop stars are active as actors. However, it's never easy to do two things at the same time, and TOP also said that he had an agony over it in the beginning.

"Even though I was a veteran musician, I experienced difficulties in adjusting to working on music after filming my movie. But, at one point, I realized that I don't need to separate singing and rapping. Both of them are jobs to express feelings in front of the public. There is common ground between singing and acting. So, I think I'm neither singer or actor. I'm just TOP."

Kpop stars usually use their real names when they appear in movies or dramas, but TOP said it's meaningless to do so, stating, "Everybody calls me TOP, not Choi Seung Hyun."

After finishing filming 'The war of flower 2', TOP started working on his upcoming solo album. He knew that many fans are really looking forward to Big Bang or TOP's new album because it has been about 2 years since Big Bang released its album 'Still Alive' in 2012.
"I feel pressured to release my solo album because fans have been waiting for a long time. However, it's unacceptable for me to release an album with which I'm not 100% satisfied. The rest Big Bang members are busy doing their activities overseas now, so I'm focusing on my solo album, not Big Bang's album."

TOP said every member of Big Bang has a mania for 'The war of flower 1' because both the group and the film were introduced to the world in 2006. 

"We had tough moments at that time, and the movie made us dream of making a big success. When I told the Big Bang members that I'm going to appearing in the movie for the first time, they didn't believe it. And after watching the movie, G-Dragon said he was surprised at my acting because the character was so playful. I'm a shy guy, but when I drink heartily with people close to me, like G-Dragon, I act like the character."

As a member of Big Bang, TOP has already taken the summit of Kpop world. There is no one who can show as great rap performance as him among Kpop idol stars. However, when I told him he's the best, he lowered his head bashfully.

"Frankly speaking, I've never being happy about receiving awards since I was young. It was burdensome, and I became depressed. So, I don't have a fear of failure. I do not stick to success."

He also talked frankly about his fans.

"I'm always grateful to my fans for supporting me. However, I do not want to be a man who wants my fans to do something for me. It's up to me to make them like me now and for ever. A driving force of me is myself. I have a desired to be a solid man. I'm a man who should make my fans happy."


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