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YG Wants to Differentiate Winner From Big Bang

YG entertainment's new boy group Winner is unveiled. On August 6, the group held a launching show in Seoul and talked about its debut album. As you may know, Winner is YG's first boy group since Big Bang debuted in 2006. At the event, the five members, Kang Seungyoon, Song Minho, Nam Taehyun, Kim Jinwoo, and Lee Seunghoon, walked down the runway as if real models, while Yang Hyun Suk, representative of YG, also attended the show. Winner's debut album to be released on August 12 will have a total of 10 songs including 2 title tracks.

Q. You are about to debut. How do you feel?
Kang Seungyoon: Yeah, we are finally about to debut. I'm overwhelmed with emotion now, and look forward to our days to come.
Nam Taehyun: It has been 10 months since we got the title 'Winner' after competing with Team B on the survival program 'WIN: Who Is Next'. I know our fans have been waiting for us for a long time, and I want to make amends to the fans for it.

Q. What did you pay attention to most when you were preparing for your debut album?
Yang Hyun Suk: At first, I wasn't supposed to be here. However, it's first ever interview for the Winner members and I wanted to lend assistance to them. The most important thing was that I had to differentiate the group from its senior boy group Big Bang. So, I tried to drive up the members' songwriting skills. I think they achieved more than expected.

Q. Team B's BI and Bobby also took part in writing songs of the album. How was your work with them?
Kang Seungyoon: We were very grateful for that. The track 'Empty' really fits in with our musical style. I want to interact with them now and for ever.
Yang Hyun Suk: Winner and Team B are like family. Team B's debut album to be released later may include the tracks written by the Winner members too. It was a collaboration between family members.

Q. Your debut album is a full album which includes a total of 10 tracks. Wasn't it burdensome for you to release a full album?
Kang Seungyoon: Yang Hyun Suk gave us a chance to do it. For 10 months, we tried to find out our own character. We wanted to talk about our intimate stories through the album.
Yang Hyun Suk: For 10 months, the Winner members wrote more than 30 songs, and we chose 10 songs among them. The reason why Big Bang became so popular is that they can make their own music. I will allow ample time for Team B and our new girl group to find out their own musical style. The 2 title tracks of Winner's debut album are hip hop music, but both of them are lyrical and have popular appeal.

Q. Do you think you have advantages over Big Bang?
Kang Seungyoon: We always have been worrying about it. Big Bang is well-versed in all kinds of music and has an exceptional sense of style. It's really hard to find out our advantages over Big Bang. I think we have to show ourselves candidly.
Yang Hyun Suk: Winner is younger and taller than Big Bang.

Q. How did you prepare for your debut album? I'm curious about the title song's choreography too.
Lee Seunghoon: We performed on the stages of Big Bang and 2NE1's concerts, and we were able to gain invaluable experience. We didn't design the choreography yet. We will be hard at work on it.

Q. What was the most difficult thing about preparing for the album?
Song Minho: Frankly speaking, I wanted to make a debut as soon as possible. However, it took long time for us to make satisfactory music. We really devoted ourselves to the album.

Q. What is your ultimate goal?
Kang Seungyoon: Through our music, I want to heal people and strengthen them.
Yang Hyun Suk: Winner has to do the music that can remind people of Winner. Someone may say that Winner has a decided advantage because it is YG's new boy group. However, I don't think so. All I could do for the Winner members was to make them perform at Big Bang and 2NE1's concerts. They had to prepare for the actual battle. As a fighter, Winner is in their first round now. Topping music chart shows is not meaningful at all.

Q. Will the fans be able to see the Winner members appearing on dramas or TV shows?
Yang Hyun Suk: When I was in my 20s and 30s, I thought that an artist should do music only. However, I had a change of heart as I got older. I want to make Big Bang's G-Dragon appear on dramas or movies, but he said no. He has a firm faith. TOP said he wants to act and he filmed movies. 2NE1's Park Bom said she wants to appear on TV shows. As you can see in SBS' 'Roommate', she's quite the comedian. Sandara Park also said she wants to appear on TV shows, but I think she's not that funny. If the Winner members want to act or appear on TV shows, I will let them do it.


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