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Kpop Album Review: Super Junior Shows New Possibility As a Kpop Senior

Super Junior made a comeback with its 7th full album. It has been about 2 years since the group released its 6th full album in 2012, and during the group's break, the team's leader Lee Teuk has served in the military.

The 10th-year Kpop idol group has its unique musical character. As you can feel through its hits such as 'Sorry Sorry', 'Mr. Simple', and 'Sexy, Free & Single', the group's songs are easy to sing along to and have cheerful concepts which make fans happy.

The title track of Super Junior's new album, 'MAMACITA', also has similar features such as the group's former hits. The chorus, "Hey! MAMACITA! I'm AYAYAYAYA. The dream has been shattered AYAYAYAYA" is very catchy, while Mamacita means a attractive pretty girl in Spanish.

There are some people who insist that Super Junior is an awful Kpop idol group because the group always does same, easy music. However, if they listen to all the tracks of Super Junior's new album, they will change their minds.

The album includes a wide range of musical styles, while Super Junior shows new possibility as a Kpop senior. It is never easy for veteran groups to try out new musical genre just like Super Junior did in its new album.

Through a new jack swing music 'MAMACITA', Super Junior became more mature and attractive. In the song, the Super Junior members appeal to people to be sympathetic to various problems in the world.

And please do not miss the group's love songs such as 'Midnight blues', 'Evanesce', 'Raining spell for love', and 'This is love'. Especially, Siwon personally chose 'This is love' as the song fans should listen to besides the title track. The songs are so sweet and emotional that some of you may think they are not Super Junior's songs at all.

Through these kinds of loves songs, the Super Junior members sing about not only happiness of love but also pain of love. Yeah, some of the members are in their 30s, and they have lots of life experiences, which means they became real men now. Through the songs, the members show off their competitive singing skills, proving that they have enough musical capability to be able to be loved by many people for a long time.

Before releasing the album, Super Junior held a press conference and talked about the album. Check out the Super Junior members' comments. Super Junior will hold its exclusive concert 'Super Show 6' in Seoul from September 21-21 and visit various countries of the world including Japan, China and Thailand.

Q. 'MAMACITA' is Super Junior's first album since Lee Teuk was recently released from the army. How do you feel?
Lee Teuk: I missed the stage a lot. And I've been really worried if I can perform on stage with the Super Junior members, but the members helped me up. I'll sing and dance on stage happily. During my military service, I've thought about what the adult is. I think we have to gain more experience to be real adults.
Eunhyuk: After Lee Teuk was released from the army, we had to work on our new album and upcoming concert at the same time. We didn't have enough time, but we will try to show gorgeous performance.
Kyuhyun: As the powerful leader Lee Teuk has not been beside us for a year and 9 months, we couldn't release Super Junior's new album for a long time.

Q. The Super Junior members have been active in individual activities. What do you think about your individual and team activities?
Kyuhyun: Our root is Super Junior. So, if there is no Super Junior, we can't do our individual activities. The center of gravity is Super Junior, not each of us. Instead, I do my best when I do my individual activities. 5 years ago, I was criticized by people just because I'm an idol who appear in a musical. I'm pouring my effort into everything.
Siwon: As 'MAMACITA' is Super Junior's first album since Lee Teuk was released from the army, we will try to show great performance as a team. We want to give people many things to dream and hope for the future.

Q. It has been 10 years since you debuted. What's the secret to maintaining a good team work?
Lee Teuk: Frankly speaking, we've fought many times. However, having been through so many things together, we were able to have love and loyalty towards each other.
Kangin: Even though it has been 10 years since we debuted, we're still living under the same roof. Other idol groups are surprised to know this. I think talking face to face and dining with each other really help us build a good team work.
Shindong: I think we became considerate of each other. We know each other's character and try to show understanding of the members.

Q. There are so many young idol groups who are gaining great popularity and threatening your championship, just like EXO. What do you think of it?
Lee Teuk: Actually, I hosted EXO's debut showcase held in 2012. In the army, I watched EXO topping various music chart shows, and I felt really great. With the young idol stars such as EXO, I want to introduce Kpop to the world.
Eunhyuk: We're going our own way and EXO is going their own way. So, it's a win-win for everyone.
Kangin: If a young idol group takes our championship, it's better to give it to EXO than to other company's idol groups.


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