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Kpop Album Review: Dangerous Temptation of SHINee's Taemin

The first ever solo album of SHINee's Taemin was released on August 18. I'm sure all of SHINee's fans were really looking forward to the album, which has a total of 6 tracks.

What do you think is the major part of Taemin's image? Cute and pretty boy? Yes, it's true that he has gained a lot of popularity with that kind of image, but, through his first solo album, he shows an extreme makeover.

As I reviewed before, at SMTOWN's concert held on August 15, Taemin performed songs of his solo album for the first time, and when he was performing the title track 'Danger', he made the audience go wild by taking off his top. The performance was charismatic and fascinating, even for a man like me, while everybody who was there could feel keenly that he is a mature man, not a young pretty boy.

Let's talk about the first track's 'ACE' first. Actually, all the things Taemin wants to talk about are included in the track, while TVXQ's Max Changmin wrote the lyrics.

Taemin sings, "You think I look like I don’t know about women yet? Do I look like a little prince who doesn't know about love? I just laugh at it. Oh yeah. If you believe so, you are a fool. oh yeah umm."

Yeah, he talks about people's preconceived ideas about himself, and says it's wrong.

And he adds, "I want to be your only Ace. All the guys who passed by you were just so-so. But, I'm a bit different. Baby what you want. I'm what you've wanted, and what you've dreamed of, Ace Ace Ace Ace."

'Ace' is a love song, seemingly. However, that is not all it is. 'ACE' can mean the best solo male singer in Korea, and Taemin is talking to his fans. He also sings for his fans, "Right now, you’re in my heart, and you're a blossomed Ace Ace Ace Ace," which means 'You' are Taemin's ace too. Through this kind of polished way of shaping fantasy, Taemin captures hearts of his female fans.

As you already know, the title track is 'Danger'. The song's Korean title is 'Phantom Thief', and when you think of 'Phantom Thief', what comes to your mind? Yes, yes. It's Lupin the phantom thief. So, the title contains the meaning that Taemin steals something from other people just like Lupin the phantom thief. What do you think it is? By showing off his charismatic and masculine charm, he steals his fans' hearts.

'Danger' has a strong and attractive synth sound, while the chorus is very catch. And Taemin's fabulous dance performance on stage reminds people of Michael Jackson, who is one of Taemin's favorite musicians. It is a high quality track.

And you have to listen to 4th track's 'Pretty Boy' too because the track was made through special collaboration among SM entertainment's talented young artists. SHINee's Jonghyun took part in writing lyrics of the song, while EXO's Kai was featured in the song as a rapper. I can say that the song is a male singer's standard dance track of SM entertainment. Through the electronic pop dance piece, Taemin and Kai shows perfect harmony, vivifying the song's intense feeling.

There have been not a few idol group members who released their solo album. However, it is never easy to win recognition as a competitive solo singer because they have to fill the stage alone and show something different from what they used to be. In that sense, Taemin, who showed impressive stage performance and extreme makeover, can be considered to make a successful debut as a solo singer.

He's not as powerful vocalist as his team mate Jonghyun, but he has a attractive voice tone, and his dance skill, of course, is gorgeous. I expect that Taemin will be able to succeed Yoo Seung Joon or Rain, as a beloved male solo dance singer.


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