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JYJ Says They Want to Be Together Now and For Ever

It's the return of the king.

On August 3, JYJ held a comeback showcase at COEX in Seoul, celebrating its releasing second full album 'JUST US'. At the showcase, the three handsome guys performed their latest songs such as 'Back Seat', 'So So', and 'BaBo Boy'. Even though it has been a long time since the three members performed on stage as a team, they showed quite impressive performance. They sang and danced just as they did years ago as members of TVXQ. They also showed sexy dance performance with foreign dancers! Of course, they had more maturity than in the past.

Through a press conference held right after the showcase, the members talked about their new album and upcoming concert tour.

Q. 'JUST US' is JYJ's first album in 3 years. How do you feel?
Yoochun: It was so happy to work on our music as a team. Releasing a new album as JYJ is certainly meaningful for us.
Jaejoong: I was really looking forward to being active as a team. I want to do better than I did as a solo singer.
Junsu: I'm thinking the same as the members are. Releasing new album and holding a concert as a team is certainly uplifting.

Q. Tell me about your title track 'Back Seat'.
Junsu: It's an urban R&B music. We will be thirty soon. As we are older than young idol stars, we wanted to show something about mature men by performing 'Back Seat'.

Q. The album includes each member's solo track. Tell me about the songs.
Yoochun: My solo track 'Thirty' is a very ordinary song. The song is restful, and I wanted to talk about our usual selves.
Jaejoong: I didn't try to harmonize my solo track and JYJ's album. I did rock music through my solo album, so I did rock music this time too.
Junsu: My solo track is a music that can remind you of young love.

Q. What did you pay attention to most when you were preparing for the album? And wasn't it awkward to perform as a team after a long interval?
Junsu: As you can see in the title 'JUST US', we just wanted to talk about our usual selves.
Jaejoong: At first, it was really awkward to sing and dance as a member of JYJ because we have been focusing on our individual activities for a long time. However, I have adapted much more since then and can enjoy the stage now.

Q. You will hold concerts in various cities of Asia. Are you looking forward to it?
Junsu: Yeah, I'm really looking forward to the concert tour. I hope to meet many fans and eat delicious foods of many different countries. When I held a concert tour as a solo singer, I was so bored in the evening. But with the members, it will be interesting.

Q. What does JYJ mean to you?
Junsu: We've been walking on the same road, and we will walk on the same road. Sometime when I'm on stage, I recognize the existence of Yoochun and Jaejoong, and something bursts inside me. The members mean world to me.
Jaejoong: With the members, I spent half of my life. The team is a blessing for me.
Yoochun: Eventually, we three have to be together. It's much happier as a team than as a solo singer. We felt sorry about not being together for a long time. I want to be associated with the members now and for ever.

JYJ also held its '2014 JYJ Membership Week' from July 31 to August 3. I've been there, and there were many interesting places.

At the sticker photo place, you can feel as if you take photos with the JYJ members, and JYJ's reality video is shown at JYJ theater. You can dance at club JYJ, while you can see the JYJ members DJing in the big LED screen. The exhibition also exactly reproduces the filming spot for the music video of 'Back Seat'.

The most impressive place of the exhibition was a dress room that has a total of 600 JYJ's costumes. You can feel the breath of JYJ by trying the costumes on!


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