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Ryeowook's Public Pledge: Do You Want to Visit Super Junior's Accommodation?

A production presentation for Super Junior-M's Guest House was held in Seoul on July 14. Through the program to be aired in September, the Super Junior-M members, Ryeowook, Kyuhyun, Donghae, Zhoumi, Eunhyuk, Sungmin and Henry will travel Korea with their Chinese fans. The members, except for Henry who is busy promoting his new solo album, attended the production presentation and talked about their travel plans.

Q. Tell me about your rough travel plans.
Ryeowook: I will introduce Korean food culture to Chinese fans.

Sungmin: Well, I will focus on introducing Korea's spicy and hot foods to the fans.

Eunhyuk: I will try to cut down travel expenses. My travel expenses will be only 99,000 won.(about 97 dollars) But Henry is preparing for luxurious travel. His travel expenses will be 990,000 won.

Kyuhyun: I will see a night view of Seoul with the fans.

Donghae: I will enjoy the daytime of Seoul with my fans.

Zhoumi: As I'm a Chinese, I will try to act as a mediator between Korea and China.

Q. How are you preparing for upcoming travel?
Eunhyuk: It's so happy to be able to pay back the love we received from Chinese fans. I will try to communicate with them. Actually, I use my money sparingly. I'm usually treated to meal by the other members. Or, I tell them "Let's go Dutch." If I'm low on cash during the travel, fans have to pay their bills separately. It will be a happy memory, haha.

Donghae: I'm looking for something I can do with my fans. I like to take pictures and will try to have a good time with the fans.

Zhoumi: I've lived in Korea for 6 years. My hobby is to travel around the city to eat at famous restaurants. I think I know better about Korean famous restaurants than Korean members. I can speak two languages, so I think I can give detailed information about Korea to Chinese fans.

Sungmin: Through our world tour, I could enjoy so many things in various countries. Now I have opportunity to introduce my country and the foods I eat to Chinese fans.

Kyuhyun: I will introduce Korea's night to the fans, but it is not about disorderly life. Night is the time when all the people become sensitive. So, I will introduce some sensitive places.

Q. Fans will choose a travel guide they want to be on a trip together. Tell me your pledges.
Eunhyuk: If the fans choose me as a travel guide, they will be able to see TVXQ, Girls' Generation, EXO, SHINee and f(x). And I will telephone Lee Soo Man to share special memories with the fans.

Donghae: I will introduce my mother to fans. The fans also can make a phone call to my brother. When they go back to China, I will issue first class tickets for them.

Kyuhyun: I think the ticket price will be about 70 million won.(about 69,000 dollars)

Donghae: Hahaha.

Ryeowook: I will not follow the script. I can invite fans to Super Junior's accommodation. I will cook and sing for them.

Kyuhyun: I'm currently appearing in a musical. I will play a musical scene just in front of fans.

Q. You will travel Korea with Chinese fans. Don't you think Korean fans will feel sad about it?
Eunhyuk: We didn't expect it to happen. If they feel sad about it, we will think about another TV program in which we can travel with Korean fans. Actually, we are preparing for our new album. We will be able to meet with Korean fans soon.

Q. Will fans have a chance to see other SM artists in the program?
Lee Hoon Hee(SM C&C's executive director): As Super Junior is the group who is most popular in China, the group was selected as a first team to appear in the program. If the program becomes popular among people, other SM artists will be able to appear in the program too. We have it under consideration.


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