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Kpop Album Review: f(x) Shows New Possibility of Kpop

f(x) made a comeback with its third full album 'Red Light' that includes a total of 11 tracks. Have you all listened to the songs?

Since its debut in 2009, f(x) got a lot of attention by releasing its unique songs such as 'La Cha Ta', 'NU ABO', 'Danger', 'Electronic Shock', and 'Rum Pum Pum Pum'. When you listen to these songs, you can feel that f(x) has something totally different from the other Kpop girl groups.

Recently, Kpop idol groups avoid releasing full album because all the songs in the album except for the title track usually can not receive attention from the public. In today’s fast-paced society, people have no time to listen to all the tracks of all the new albums. Plus, it is never easy for idol groups to fill their albums with more than 10 best-quality tracks.

However, f(x) succeeded in filling its newest album with 11 best-quality songs, proving that the group can reconcile popular appeal with experimental nature. I'm sure that f(x)'s new album 'Red Light' is one of the best albums in 2014.

The title track 'Red Light' is a electronic house music that has a rushing rhythm. The song apparently has a unique style and rhythm, but that's not all.

As you may know, not a few songs of Kpop idol groups have repeated meaningless lyrics which make the songs catchy and easy to sing along to. It is like misleading consumers with a sales gimmick. However, f(x)'s song that has a clear message. 'Red Light' warns people to stop and think about the things that are important to them.

Check out the music video and f(x)'s live performance.

I'd like to recommend 2 more tracks to you.

Second track's 'Milk' is a urban R&B music. The song has even more popular appeal than 'Red Light'. As you can feel f(x)'s unique charm through the song, 'Milk' is the song that is worthy to be a title track. In the song, the f(x) members sing "I pour milk on my wounded heart." The idea of milk helping people cure their hearts is so interesting. Like this, the biggest enjoyment of listening to f(x)'s songs comes from interpreting the symbols in the songs.

Fourth track's 'Rainbow' is so distinctive. It is the most experimental song among all the tracks of f(x)'s new album. It is a electronic dance piece that includes a variety of musical genres such as trap and urban. Especially, it is notable that f(x) transformed trap in an original way, while the repeated chorus "kongdak kongdak kongdak kongdak kongdak kongdak mujigae" is so catchy. 

It is happy to see so many Kpop idols being loved by people all over the world. However, it is true that most of their songs sound the same. If there were a time when Kpop needed a change more than ever, it is now. Kpop needs to seek diversity.

In that sense, f(x)'s new album is full of suggestions. With its unique musical style, f(x) succeeded in gratifying people's taste for music. I'm sure that the girl group showed new possibility of Kpop through its new album.


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