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ZE:A Talks About its Brand New Album 'First Homme'

ZE:A made a comeback with its new mini album 'First Homme'. On June 3, the group held its comeback showcase in Seoul and kicked off full-scale promotional activity for the album. It has been about 10 months since ZE:A released its former hit 'The ghost of wind' last August, and I heard the members' thoughts on their brand new album.

The title track is 'Breathe'. The 5-year idol group is expected to show off some masculine charms.

Kevin said "We produced a mature album so that we can provide masculine feelings," while Jung Heechul stated, "As time goes by, I think we are growing a pair. Some of the members have worked out really hard to show better performance."

At the event, ZE:A sang 'Breathe' live, showing charismatic performance. (Well, offstage, they looked like cute and playful boys)

Moon Junyoung added, "I know that many Kpop boy groups such as U-Kiss and B.A.P also released their new album around the same time. Of course, well-intentioned competition is important, but we are more focused on searching for our own characteristics."

It is notable that ZE:A's members took part in writing songs through the album. Ha Minwoo wrote the lyrics of 'Wobble', while Kevin and Park Hyungsik took part in writing 'ONE'.

Kevin said "'ONE' is a hopeful song. We want to convey our love to whom are exhausted. Unlike our former albums, we took active parts in producing our new album."

Park Hyung Sik also stated, "The lyrics are about our true story. When we are exhausted, fans can become our motive power. Kevin has been writing songs constantly, and this time, I wanted to write songs too. It makes me happy that my own song was included in the album."

ZE:A's new mini album has a total of 6 tracks, while famous hit makers such as Brave Brother and Galactika wrote the title track 'Breathe'.

The ZE:A members have been busy doing their individual activities. Park Hyungsik is appearing in MBC's 'Real Man', while Hwang Kwanghee is also appearing in a variety of TV shows. Lim Siwan is currently playing a leading role in MBC's drama 'Triangle'.

Lim Siwan said "Doing two things at the same time is not easy, but I have been in that kind of situation several times. I believe my experience and passion."

Hwang Kwanghee even went on a harsh diet to lose weight before making a comeback. He stated, "I lost 17kg and I weigh 54kg now. I had to lose weight to be look good on TV because I'm short."

Moon Junyoung added, "We do not aim at first place of music chart shows. We just want to enjoy the performance and be happy on stage."

Jewelry's Yewon and 9 Muses' Hyemi, label mates of ZE:A, hosted the showcase. They were not expert at hosting the event, but livened up the mood by showing off their vivid personality. It looked that the two female idols and the ZE:A members are really close friends.

During presiding over the event, Yewon and Hyemi praised each other, and here are the two girls' comments.

Yewon: The 9 Muses members are so beautiful. All of the members are tall, and that's what I do not have.
Hyemi: Yewon is cute, but voluptuous. She is an underwear model. I saw her picture, and it was tremendous. I envy you.

Here are Yewon's pictures for her underwear advertisement.


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