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Three Requirements for Third Generation Kpop Idol Group

H.O.T, Sechs Kies, Shinhwa and more are first generation Kpop idol groups, and they have gained great popularity in the 90s. And in the 2000s, second generation Kpop idol groups such as TVXQ and Super Junior took the leads in the world of Kpop.

It is not easy to make a clear division between second generation Kpop idol groups and third generation Kpop idol groups, but you can say that popular young groups such as EXO and GOT7 are third generation Kpop idol groups who are now receiving the spotlight in the 2010s.
Third generation Kpop idol groups have their own characteristics that are different from first or second generation Kpop idol groups, and here are three requirements for third generation Kpop idol groups.

Localization Strategy
Kpop idols have been constantly knocking world market since the 90s. H.O.T held its concert in Beijing, China in 2000, and after then, the group became one of the most popular idol groups in China, getting an explosive response from Chinese teenagers. And TVXQ, the representative second generation Kpop idol group, garnered many foreign fans, leading globalization of Kpop.

Third generation Kpop idol groups are also busy doing their oversea activities, but there is a difference.

Let's see EXO's case. The 11-member group has Chinese members such as Luhan, Tao and Lay(Some of you may not agree with this because of Kris), while the three members are playing key roles in EXO-M, EXO's Chinese unit group. In China, EXO-M is considered as Chinese group because it has Chinese members and is doing its promotional activities in China in the same way as the other Chinese singers.

This is the localization strategy, and it is one of the important characteristics of third generation Kpop idol groups.

Kpop idols are versatile, and they show off their talents in many fields like the world of movie and drama. First and second generation Kpop idols were also active in the world of movie or drama, but third generation Kpop idols' activity patterns are a little different from those of first and second generation Kpop idols.

The most notable change is that the Kpop agencies are now venturing into movie and drama production. Thanks to the change of production system, idols don't need to worry about casting any more. They can just appear in movies and dramas that were produced by their agencies. You can say third generation Kpop idols are in a more stable environment than first and second generation idols.
As third generation Kpop idol groups are emerging in the world of Kpop, the ways of public relations also have diversified. Especially, third generation Kpop idol groups take advantage of TV reality shows actively.

EXO appeared in MBC Every1's 'EXO's Show Time', while GOT7 appeared in SBS MTV's 'I GOT 7' and Winner promoted itself by appearing in Mnet's 'Winner TV'.

As you know, many of Kpop idols are using SNS actively to communicate with their fans these days.

Through SNS, they can share their every move with fans in real time. Mysticism marketing has been frequently used in the fields of entertainment in the late 90s and the early 2000s, but it is unsuitable for an age of instant communication.

Kpop idols are voluntarily communicating with their fans, which closed the distance between stars and fans.

Sometimes, the idols get into trouble because of SNS, but I'm sure that communicating actively with fans greatly benefits their popularity and image.


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