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How to Choose a Idol Cover Model for a Magazine

Kpop idols, who are attracting so much media attention, are the most sought-after stars for various magazines. However, of course, not all of them can be the cover models. Let's talk about the standards for selecting idol cover models for magazines. I asked several Korean magazine workers about it.

The first criterion for selecting idol cover model is the idol's popularity. The magazine workers search for idols who are currently drawing great attention from the public. Think about it. If a magazine's cover model is not popular at all, would you like to purchase the magazine?

Secondly, idols need to have degree of understanding for fashion. Good looks can be an important criterion for selecting cover model, but that's not all. The magazine workers do not want someone who typically looks good such as Korean famous actors Jang Dong Gun and Jung Woo Sung. They want someone who is fashionable and stylish. For now, the most desired idol cover model is Big Bang's G-Dragon.

As you know, Kpop idols are loved by people all over the world. And Korean magazines are knocking on overseas market. For this reason, idol stars who are currently popular in the world market can be the most sought-after cover models for magazines.

In that respect, idol stars of big Kpop agencies such as SM, YG and JYP entertainment are on the top of priority list for magazine model.

Kpop idol sometimes does an extreme makeover through a magazine photo shoot. Just like Girl's Day and Rainbow's Cho Hyunyoung who gave off their super sexy charm as cover models of MAXIM magazine, idols show something unusual about themselves through a magazine photo shoot.

The official from one magazine told me, "We usually try to look for something special that the idol has never done before. To do so is a really effective way to catch the eyes of our readers."

By doing an extreme makeover, the idol can also show off his magnetism that he's never shown before. So, it is a win-win for both the idol and magazine.


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