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Kpop Album Review: Wheesung Shows Real Soul

Wheesung released his new album 'The Best Man'. Have you listened to the album? It has been 2 years and 7 months since he released his former mini album 'The guys are coming' in 2011.

As you may know, Wheesung is the representative R&B singer in Korea and you can feel his soul in his latest album. He also has been recognized as one of the most talented album producer, while he composed Kpop idol stars' songs like MBLAQ's 'Be a man'.

The title track is 'Night and Day'. Check out the music video of the song.

The song is the R&B piece that is about a man who wants to maintain his love toward one woman permanently. Girl's Day's Yura and Teen Top's CAP appeared in the music video as main characters.

The singer sings "I love you 24 hours. Thank you because it's you" in the chorus, and it really captivates listeners. Wheesung leads the melody line controlling his voice quite freely. When I listened to the song for the first time, I muttered to myself, "Yeah, he sings really well.'

The song is at the top of various online music charts, proving that Wheesung is the one of the most influential singers in Korea.

By the way, in the 7th track's 'Need to make money', he asks fans, "Do you think I'm a has-been?"

In the song, he pours out all his troubles as a professional singer. Here are the lyrics.

"Music became business for me now. For me, Wearing headphones is business too. Music used to be a break for me, but suddenly it put me to work."

"Need to make money. I have to shout away in any way. I have to set the world on fire to receive attention. Need to make money. I need to rank highly on Melon chart."

"I used to be a R&B monster Realslow. However, it's over. Those were times. I'm spoiled since 2nd album's 'With me'. I'm a has-been."

Here is the video for his hit 'With me' that was released in 2003.

Do you think he really is a has-been? Well, I don't think so. He still has a attractive voice and became more mature. It is true that his songs are not as trendy as old times. But, he has had many experiences as a man(He has served in the military from 2011 to 2013), and his songs are certainly different from ear candies of other popular singers who just want to deceive music fans and do superficial music.

In the album's other songs like 'Best man', 'I like the music', and 'I don't want to know', Wheesung sings his true feelings about life and art. I think you need to listen to his album if you want to know about how one of the top R&B singers in Korea sings.


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