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Kpop Album Review: Infinite Kicks Off its Season 2

Infinite made a comeback with its second regular album that was released on May 21. The album is titled 'Season 2', and it means that the group's second act has begun. 'Season 2' is Infinite's first album since the group's agency Woollim entertainment was merged with SM C&C, a subsidiary company of SM entertainment in 2013.

The title track is 'Last Romeo', and the members sing "Please light up my path. The decision has been made. I cast the dice on it. I will protect you no matter what hardships come. I can’t see anything else but you."

Actually, it is hard to say that Infinite made a great achievement through the album. However, there is a slight variation on the group's music style, which is helpful for captivating fans' hearts.

Infinite's music is usually characterized by its melody that reminds people of the 90s Korean dance music, dynamic rhythm and splendid group dance. You can see these musical characteristics through Infinite's hits such as 'Be mine', 'The chaser' and 'Man in love'. Well, all of these songs were composed by hit producing team Sweet Tune, and they also composed the group's latest song 'Last Romeo'.

"We are attached to Sweet Tune. I think they know well about the attraction of our voices." -Hoya

"It is loyalty." -Woohyun

In 'Last Romeo', you can see all the musical characteristics I mentioned above. But there is one important difference. By emphasizing band sound and decreasing electronic sound, Infinite gives more plentiful sound.

It is also notable that Sungkyu and Woohyun's solo tracks and Infinite H and Infitnite F's songs are included in the album.

Sungkyu's solo track is 'Light'. In the song, he compares a woman to a light and sings he can see everything thanks to her.

"For the song, I've worked with MC The Max's J Yoon. It was very meaningful for me to work with him after a long interval. He composed such a great song." -Sungkyu

And Woohyun's solo track is 'When I close my eyes'.

"It is a mournful and sad song. The music has some emotions of old style." -Woohyun

7th track's 'Alone' is sung by Infinite H, comprised of Dongwoo and Hoya. As you know, the hip hop duo has already released their first album 'Fly high' in early 2013. It is hard to say that they are as good rappers as top class rappers of Korean hip hop scene such as Dok2 and Beenzino, but  you can say Dongwoo and Hoya are top class 'idol rappers'.

Infinite F, comprised of Sungyeol, Sungjong and L, sang 'Going crazy'. Through the cheerful song, the members showed off cute and innocent charm. I think it would be perfect gift for Infinite fans.

The album includes various genres of music such as dance, rock ballad and disco, and it bears traces of labor.

Here are comments by the Infinite members at their comeback showcase held in Seoul on May 21. I was there and could confirm that they are talented Kpop idols who can satisfy their fans.

"When we were preparing for the album, we spent most of our time at recording studio. As it has been 3 years since we released our former album in Korea, we certainly put in the hours on it. We recorded about 40 songs, and 13 of them were included in the album. We learned a lot from songwriters." -Sungkyu

"We had to re-shoot our music video because we didn't like its first version. Woohyun took charge of hero and filmed the music video for 4 days. He showed excellent performance." -Sungkyu

"The director said that I showed my potential as an actor." -Woohyun

"As seeing our senior Kpop groups such as god and Fly to the sky who recently came back, we think that we will be able to continue our singing career for a long time." -Hoya

"When I was a high school student, I had a girlfriend who I loved, and in front of her house, I'd waited for her for about 2 hours. I think it was romantic. At that time, I caught a bad cold and it was like infatuation." -Sungkyu

"Through our new choreography, we will express some epicene feelings. We use pelvis for the choreography which requires a good sense of dynamics." -Hoya

Check out the photos of Infinite's new album 'Season 2'.


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