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Brown Eyed Girls' Gain is Dating Actor Joo Ji Hoon

Brown Eyed Girls' Gain fell in love with a handsome actor.

On May 9, according to both stars' agencies, Gain and Joo Ji Hoon are dating. The two have maintained acquaintance for about 8 years, and recently formed a romantic relationship. It has been about a month since the two started date.

The music video of Gain's 'Fxxk U' has served as a momentum to make their relationship move forward, while Gain and Joo Ji Hoon appeared in the video as a pair of lovers and did love scene. The music video was rated R.

They have been seen together at John Mayer's concert held in Seoul on May 6 too.  

Meanwhile, Gain debuted as a member of Brown Eyed Girls in 2006 and has gained in popularity over years as a sexy star. She made a special appearance in the music video of Psy's 'Gentleman' that was released in 2013, and also won success as a solo singer by releasing hits such as 'Bloom' and 'Truth or Dare'.

Joo Ji Hoon debuted as a model in 2003, and as an actor, appeared in many dramas like 'The devil', 'Five fingers' and 'Medical Top Team'.


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