SHINee Successfully Finishes its Concert in Chile

SHINee has successfully finished its concert in Chile.

SHINee held 'SHINee Concert SHINee World III in Santiago' at the Movistar Arena in Santiago, Chile on April 6. 8,500 fans gathered to see the 5-member Kpop group.

The concert tickets were all sold out, while the fans passed night without sleep around the arena, waiting for the SHINee members.

At the concert, SHINee performed a total of 25 songs including its hits like 'Dream girl', 'Ring Ding Dong' and 'Everybody'. The group caught eyes of audience by showing its powerful and polished performance.

Prior to the beginning of the concert, SHINee held a press conference and more than 100 reporters from Chile's various media outlets such as A TERCERA, TERRA, CANAL 13 NEWS and ETC TV attended the event to cover the group.

SHINee holds another world tour concert at the Luna Park Arena in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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