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15& Exactly Shows What JYP Wants Contestants to do

By releasing its newest single 'Can't hide it', the female duo 15& is drawing Kpop fans' attention. After being released on April 13, the song has topped various online music charts such as Daum, Bugs and Olleh music.

The interesting thing is that the members Jimin and Yerin exactly show Park Jin Young's pet theory about singing. As you may already know, Park Jin Youg is the CEO of the duo's agency, JYP entertainment, and he has appeared in TV audition program 'Kpop star' as a judge. At the program, he has gained attention with his impressive commentaries such as "You have to sing in the same way as you talk," "Half of your voice have to be air, while the other half have to be sound," and "You need to relax your shoulders when you hit the high note."

Have you watched 15& performing 'Can't hide it' for first time at 'Kpop star' aired on April 13? Above all, let's watch the performance.

How is it? In the introduction of the R&B music, Jimin and Yerin look so natural, singing the song in the same way as they talk. And by putting the proper amount of airs to their voices, they make sweet sounds. And then, they hit the high notes quite freely, keeping their shoulders relaxed.

15&'s this performance includes all the things that Park Jin Young wanted audition contestants to do on stage. If 15& showed this performance as a contestant of 'Kpop star', Park Jin Young probably awarded high grades. Some of you may want to participate in Kpop auditions, and I think you may be able to get a hint about success from 15&'s performance.

One more thing. As Park Jin Young appears in 'Kpop star' as a judge, he talked about 'Soul' a lot. Bernard Park and Sam Kim, who are the winner and runner-up of the audition program, could be rated highly by the judges because of their soulful singing style. 15& also caught eyes of people by showing off their soulful singing style, and made Park Jin Young smile.

15& is gradually growing up as a competent Kpop star. When the duo released their debut single 'I dream' in 2012, they looked a little nervous on stage. And when they released their second single 'Somebody' in 2013, they looked relaxed on stage but they were not soulful enough.

Do you know what the most important criteria of JYP audition is? It's sincerity. 15&'s efforts since its debut has been sincere, and the duo could have gotten to where they are.

Park Jin Young stated, "When 15& was formed, there were two thing I hoped for the duo. First, being friends with each other in the lonely world of Kpop. Second, learning each other's singing skill. They started to absorb each other's strength, finally. You did a good job of singing 'Can't hide it'. I'm so proud of you."

Jimin is the winner of 'Kpop star season1' aired in 2012, while Yerin became known by showing off her outstanding singing skill at SBS' 'Star King' and has had 5 years of trainee period in JYP entertainment.


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