TVXQ Spends a Special Day with 180 Fans

TVXQ spent a special day with its fans, celebrating 10 year anniversary.

On March 24, TVXQ held a special event and went on a train journey with fans to Gokseong, Jeonnam, Korea.

16 fans were chosen from more than 100,000 applicants, and international fans from Japan, China, Thailand and Singapore attended the event, proving that the duo is being loved by many people around the world.

During the train service, TVXQ personally made an announcement and check attendance, passing from train to train. At the Gokseong station, The duo held a signing event and had commemorative photographing with fans.

TVXQ stated, "It was really pleasant time for us to build up good memories by going on a train journey with our fans. We hope to get continued support from fans."

Meanwhile, TVXQ will kick off its live tour in Japan by holding a concert at Yokohama Arena on April 22.

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