Tae Jinah Says He Wants to Collaborate with EXO

Trot singer Tae Jinah said he wants to collaborate with EXO.

At the production presentation of Mnet's 'Trot X' held in Seoul on March 18, the veteran singer said "People have preconceived ideas about trot that the music is just for older people. However, there are trot elements in the young singers' hits such as EXO's 'Growl' and Rain's 'La Song' too. That's why I sang 'La Song' easily."

Tae Jinah is a representative trot singer, and has attracted great attention of the public by performing 'La Song' with Rain on stage in early 2013. Check out the video below.


Tae Jinah added, "Last winter, I met EXO at the waiting room and was given the group's CD. I've listened to 'Growl', and it was just like trot. Actually, watching the music video of 'Growl', I'm practicing the song's choreography these days. I want to collaborate with EXO."

Trot is a genre of Korean pop music, and is recognized as the oldest form of Korean pop music. It is well known for its distinctive background rhythm. Here's the typical example of trot, Tae Jinah's 'I love you darling'. How do you like it?

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