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Some Questions about Girls' Generation's New Album 'Mr. Mr.'

Girls' Generation(SNSD) made a comeback with its new album 'Mr. Mr.'. Did you all listen to the tracks? And you like it? I think you may want to know some stories behind Girls' Generation's album release. Here are some questions and answers about Girls' Generation. I hope it answers all your questions.

Q. What is the keynote of new choreography?
A. The keynote of Girl's Generation's new choreography is the change of formation. As you can see in the group's 'Mr. Mr.' performance, the members change their formation frequently and cameras tightly follow the movements. Jillian Meyers, a choreographer who has worked with famous pop stars like Janet Jackson and Celine Dion, was in charge of Girls' Generation's new choreography and he focused on the flow of choreography.

Q. To what degree did Girls' Generation members participate in the album production?
A. Girls' Generation presented a variety of ideas regarding music, dance performance and costumes. Being helped by professional visual directors, the members personally chose clothing items that can look great on themselves. And during the album recording, they talked with composers about singing styles in detail.

Q. What is the main concept of stage costume?
A. Girls' Generation shows mannish concept through 'Mr. Mr.' performance, wearing dashing suits. However, through the performances of other lovely tracks like 'Wait a minute' and 'Bag Hug', the members transforms into adorable girls in pretty dresses. Girls' Generation will show fans various different looks.
Q. Are they pressured by competition with 2NE1?
A. Girls' Generation released the album on February 24, and around the same time, another top Kpop girl group 2NE1 also made a comeback with its new album 'Crush'. About the competition with 2NE1, Girls' Generation thinks it's interesting because it's been a long time since the two groups appeared in various Kpop chart show programs at the same period of time. Instead, Girls' Generation feels responsible as a senior Kpop girl group and is trying hard to improve.

Q. Was Girls' Generation in an impatient mood when their comeback schedule was delayed?
A. At first, Girl's Generation's new album was planned to be released on February 19, but delayed the schedule because of music video's loss of data problem. Like fans' mind, Girls' Generation was also eager to open the album as soon as possible. As they could have more time to prepare for their comeback, the members focused on the practice of live performance to show perfect performance on the stage.

Q. Did Girls' Generation anticipate that they can be awarded first prize soon after comeback?
A. Girls' Generation topped Mnet's 'M Countdown' with the song 'Mr. Mr.' soon after making a comeback. Well, but some of the members even didn't know that the group was award nominee and they were bewildered at having won a prize they were not expecting. Before awarded the prize, they just concentrated on showing great performance to the fans who have waited for them for a long time.


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