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Lim Chang Jung's Ordinary But Not Ordinary Song

Korean veteran ballad singer Lim Chang Jung released his 12th album 'Ordinary Song, Ordinary Melody' on March 20. The album has a total of 15 songs including double title tracks 'Ordinary Song' and 'Last Handshake', while the male singer produced the album for himself.

'Ordinary Song' consists of ordinary ballad song's structure just like the name of the song. It follows the composition of Intro-Verse-Bridge-Chorus-Bridge-Chorus-Primary Bridge-Chorus.

However, the song doesn't sound ordinary at all. At the beginning of the song, in a quiet tone, Lim Chang Jung sings "After folding piled-up laundry and taking a shower to shake off everything, I go out for a drink with my buddy to get rid of useless thoughts in my head." And at the chorus, he shows his emotion explosion with the lyrics "This is the most ordinary song that everyone sings. Please don't cry. Just forget about it as if it is the ordinary lyrics of ordinary song."

Lim Chang Jung wholly expresses his candid feelings about love and parting, showing off his appealing and unaffected voice. As you know, idol singers who emphasize external features are now leading the game in Kpop industry so that Lim Chang Jung's 'Ordinary Song', which has no additives, sounds more special.

On various Korean online music charts, the song is ranked at number one, pushing back top idol groups such as Girls' Generation and 2NE1.

Check out the music video of 'Ordinary Song'. How do you like it?

Another title track 'Last Handshake' was composed and written by famous singer-song writer Wheesung. The song has a mournful melody, while Lim Chang Jung sings the song in emotionally explosive way.

It has been 5 years since Lim Chang Jung released his former album 'Return to my world' in 2009, and it seems that the singer tried to include a wide variety of genres in the album as far as possible. Apart from mournful ballad tracks such as 'Effusion', 'To.Eco', and 'Fool', Lim Chang Jung's album includes up-tempo track 'You Happiness' which adds some flair to the album.

The song 'Dance with Dr.Lim' is an electronic dance piece which has cheerful and catchy melody. Korean Singer Dr.Lee, who is well known for his unique and distinctive song style, was featured in the track and showed impressive performance. As an all-around entertainer, Lim Chang Jung filled the album with his various charms.


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