B.A.P to Meet with 100,000 Global Fans through its World Tour

B.A.P will meet with 100,000 global fans through its world tour concert.

According to TS Entertainment, B.A.P will hold its world tour concerts in the continents of America, Europe, Oceania and Asia. Detailed information about the world tour titled 'Earth Needs You' will be revealed after the group's Seoul concert to be held March 8-9. Going around whole world, B.A.P will give more than 20 shows.

Last year, B.A.P drew a total of 50,000 audience through its 'B.A.P Live On Earth Pacific' concerts held in 4 cities of the United States and 5 Asian cities. They also electrified Japan's 40,000 fans by holding their first Arena tour 'Warrior Begins'.

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