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Conversation with Teen Top: World Tour Press Conference

Kpop idol group Teen Top kicked off its world tour 'High Kick'. The group held 5 times of concerts in Japan, visiting cities like Nagoya, Yokohama, Osaka and Fukuoka, in February 2014. From February 22-23, Teen Top performed in Seoul and they will visit New York, LA, San Jose and Dallas in March, Toronto Hungary and Paris in April, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong in June and South America in July.

Before holding concert in Seoul on February 23, Teen Top held a press conference and talked to reporters. Here are converstaions with Teen Top.

Q. How do you feel about your first world tour?
Chanjo: We want to appeal to foreign fans with our cheerful image. We have less opportunity to meet with foreign fans, so we will keep eye contact with them.
Chunji: I hope that we can let the entire world know Teen Top.
Niel: We didn't make an official debut in Japan, but Japanese fans cheered wildly for us. Well begun is half done. I think that we will be able to complete the world tour successfully.

Q.CAP and L.Joe reveal self written songs through world tour concert. Tell me about the songs.
CAP: The song titled 'Missing You' is a jazzy ballad piece. It is about aftermath of breaking up with a lover.
LJoe: I composed 'Love You', which is about a man who is in love with somebody.

Q.Did you prepare any special thing for world tour?
Ricky: We try to make the concert vivid. We're preparing for unique stage settings and planning for
fan sign meeting and high five event.
Niel: We will study foreign languages to communicate well with foreign fans.

Q.What do you think is the reason for Teen Top's popularity?
CAP: I think it is because of our disciplined group dance and familiar charm.
Chunji: Our team has demonstrated proper teamwork. It became the driving force of our growth.

Q.Tell me about your future plan.
Niel: We will release our new album during the world tour. Please stay tuned.
L.Joe: We has been focusing on group activities, but we will expand the fields of individual activities so that each member can show personal magnetism.
The members posed for a picture mischievously, making people laugh. Here are the photos.

After the press conference, I watched Teen Top's concert. They performed a total of 30 songs including its hits such as 'Rocking', 'No More Perfume on You', 'Be ma girl', 'Miss Right' and 'To you'. Check out additional photos for the concert. The pictures below are not taken by me. It's the official photos of Teen Top's agency.

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