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Who is the Best Pitcher among Female KPOP Stars?

KPOP stars often throw the the first ball for the baseball game in Korea. The spectators send them big cheers. Do you wonder if they are good at throwing the ball or not? Some of them, yes, they are good pitchers. But unfortunately, the others are not good at throwing the ball. Here are good examples and bad examples of KPOP stars' throwing the ball. Let's see who is the best pitcher among KPOP stars.
Good Example: SNSD Yuri, f(x) Crystal, Wonder Girls Yubin
It was August 15, 2007. Girls' Generation(SNSD) Yuri took the mound to throw the first ball of the ball game. SNSD Soo Young was at the batter's box. Yuri looked around as if she would make a pick-off throw, and threw the ball to catcher. She surprised everyone there. She was a submariner! Let's see how she did it.


f(x) Crystal is a good pitcher too. She took the mound on June 19, 2012. After bowing politely to spectators, she threw the ball energetically. Even though the ball was too high, her stable posture was impressive.


Wonder Girls' Yubin is also a good pitcher. She took the mound with a serious face. Her pitching was as good as Yuri's or Crystal's.

Bad Examples: SNSD Jessica, Miss A Suzy

You just saw good examples of KPOP stars' pitching the ball. On the contrary, there are some people who are not good at throwing the ball. SNSD Jessica is the typical example. It was May 11, 2012. Spectators had high expectations for Jessica. But the result was not good. Jessica threw the ball to the ground, not to the catcher. She was at a loss what to do after throwing the ball.

There is another person who threw the ball to the ground, not to the catcher. It is Miss A's Suzy. She threw wild pitch and the catcher couldn't even catch the ball, haha.


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