Monday, November 28, 2016

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Seo In Guk will join the army in early 2017 (Interview)

Q. It seems like you're getting high praise from many people for what you've done in your drama "Shopaholic Louis." Especially, it was very impressive that you showed a very subtle acting with your fingers.
Seo In Guk: Louis is the one who's lived in the cage. And I thought he should be fearful of everything around him. I wanted to express his anxiety delicately.

Q. What did you pay attention to most when you acted the character?
Seo In Guk: I cared much about his way of speaking. I thought the way of speaking is the key to express his personality, and I tried to voice various opinions concerning it.

Q. Could you pick one memorable scene from the drama?
Seo In Guk: I cried a lot when Louis' grandma walked in her red shoes. I want to praise the drama's writer very highly because she described death so beautifully. It was absolutely a perfect scene.

Q. When "Shopaholic Louis" began to air, the drama couldn't get high ratings. However, it became number one in ratings later. What did you feel about it?
Seo In Guk: It's true I was really worried when the drama couldn't get high ratings. But a miracle happened. I appreciate the viewers for their love, and I'm really proud of the drama.

Q. What does "Shopaholic Louis" mean to you?
Seo In Guk: I think it's a fairy-tale drama. Even though so many bad things happen and there are so many bad people in the real world, "Shopaholic Louis" is a heart-warming drama which gives energy to many people.

Q. Through the drama, you got the nickname "Meong Mung Mi."(a male who gives off very cute charm like a puppy) How do you feel?
Seo In Guk: When people say I look like a Shiba Inu or animation character Eddy, I feel not bad. It's a favorable expression, right? And when I acted Louis, I tried to imitate the cute act of puppies.
Q. I heard that you were the one who always tried to liven up the mood of the drama set.
Seo In Guk: Well, first of all, I like to talk with people. And I can easily make friends with the other actors because I try to talk to them much. What is important to me is being happy on a drama set. That's why I want to have a good relationship with the other actors. Some say it's a business relationship, but I don't think so.
Q. How did you enjoy acting with Nam Jihyun?
Seo In Guk: Even though she's younger than me, she's an experienced actress. I think she's a great actress because she was perfectly capable of speaking in a dialect and expressing her emotions at the same time. If I have a chance, I want to act with her once more.

Q. How was your kissing scene with her? You've filmed a total of 4 kissing scenes.
Seo In Guk: The first one is the most memorable. I think a story between two main characters is more important than their kissing scene. We had our story, and that's why the kissing scene could be beautiful. I was very nervous when I filmed the scene.

Q. I wonder if the character is similar to your real-life personality.
Seo In Guk: I think I have many faces. I'm sometimes very manly and lead people, but I sometimes act cute too. What Louis and I have in common is that we both are straightforward.

Q. It seems like you're focusing on your activities as an actor not as a singer.
Seo In Guk:just do the best I can with what I am given. I've recently appear in two dramas, "38 Task Force" and "Shopaholic Louis," but I've been continuously working on my music. I have both acting and singing on my brain.

Q. It's very notable that you've played a variety of different characters in your dramas since debut.
Seo In Guk: Actually, that was not what I intended to do. However, it's true I'm very proud of my filmography, and I'll keep trying to show various aspects of myself.

Q. Are you satisfied with your acting performance in "Shopaholic Louis"? And don't you feel burdened about people's high praise on your acting?
Seo In Guk: It was really hard to play Louis because it was not a normal character. Every time I played the character, I was worried at what the people's reaction would be. And yeah, I feel very burdened about people's high praise. That's why I suffer from a lot of stress before starting filming my new drama. I think I'm easily frightened.

Q. You'll be 30 years old next year. When will you join the army?
Seo In Guk: I think I will join the army in early 2017. I'm not worried about my life in the army but I'm worried if I lose my sense of trend in the army. Well, frankly speaking, I'm worried if I gain a lot of weights in the army because I'm sure I will adjust very well to army life, haha.