Monday, October 24, 2016

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TWICE TT press conference: The hottest kpop girl group comments about its rivalry with I.O.I

Q. It seems like you made a very successful comeback. You topped various online music charts with your new song "TT." How do you feel?
Nayeon: On our way back from Busan yesterday, we were so tired and fell asleep. However, after hearing that we were ranked No.1 on music charts, we cried out with one accord.
Jungyeon: I'm very happy that we are much loved by so many people. Even though I can't get enough sleep and always have to take diet, I can get energy from our fans.

Q. Tell me about your new album.
Nayeon: The album, titled "TWICEcoaster : LANE 1" contains a meaning "Let's enjoy as exciting moment as when we ride a roller coaster." And the title song "TT" is a cheerful pop dance track that is about girls who fell in love for the first time.
Jihyo: Famous songwriting team Black Eyed Pilseung gave us a gorgeous song. The song includes our energetic and cheerful charm.

Q. When do you realize you're so popular?
Nayeon: I think the cheers of our fans are growng louder and louder. And I realize our popularity when the general public sings along with us.
Sana: We performed "Cheer Up" at various places, and it was very impressive that so many people sang along to the song. 

Q. It seems like you get along so well with each other. What is the secret of your teamwork?
Nayeon: We often have conversation with each other at our accommodation and always try to spend time together. As we also go shopping together, we all are best friends.

Q. When was your happiest moment since debut?
Nayeon: I'm at my happiest when I perform on the stage.
Tzuyu: I went home to my family in Chuseok, and I was very happy when I visited my parents' cafe and ate delicious food. And doing a V-app live broadcast on our first anniversary was a very memorable moment too because I could talk to so many fans.

Q. You made a comeback around the same time as I.O.I. What do you think of your rivalry with I.O.I?
Nayeon: Well, I'm very happy that Somi became so popular as a member of I.O.I. As both of us are rookies, we need to learn and share rather than compete.
Chaeyoung: I talked to Somi on the phone today. I told her I.O.I's song is so good.
Sana: Yeah, the song is great. I always dance along to the music.

Q. Park Jin Young has focused on producing I.O.I's album just before your comeback. Weren't you disappointed about it?
Nayeon: No, not at all. he is a famous songwriter who writes songs of so many other singers. I was just very happy that Somi took the top spots of various music charts.
Mina: I wasn't disappointed about it because he takes much care of us too.

Q. I'm curious what you think each member's charm is.
Jungyeon: I think I have boyish charm.
Tzuyu: Even though I'm the youngest, the other members say I'm the most influential member, haha.
Dahyun: I have soft skin, and I'm the tofu of TWICE.
Mina: I think I'm the calmest and coolest member of the team.
Nayeon: I'm the eldest, and I think I sometimes play a support role for the members.
Sana: I'm a sexy cutie.
Jihyo: I have a big voice.
Chaeyeon: I have charge of rap performance.
Momo: I'm in charge of dance performance of the team. I think I'm charismatic on the stage, but I'm cute when I talk.

Q. What's your goal?
Jihyo: Even though it has been just a year since our debut, we released a total of 3 mini albums. Before making a comeback, we tried to find out a reason why we're much loved by so many fans. I hope we will be able to transmit our bright energy to people.

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Reason Why G-Dragon and SHINee are nominated for Prime Minister Citation

BIGBANG's G-Dragon and SHINee became the nominees for Prime Minister Citation along with popular actors such as Jisung, Yoo Ah In, Hwang Jung Eum and Lee Kwang Soo. The awards ceremony will be held on October 27, while SHINee has already confirmed to attend the event.(which means it seems certain that SHINee will win Prime Minister Citation) Below is the reason why the Korean Government chose GD and SHINee as the nominees for Prime Minister Citation.(The comments are from the government)

*G-Dragon is truly top class kpop star who's made hits with countless songs for the past 10 years.
-He wrote countless own songs and has had world tour concerts as a global star who is loved by people all over the world.
-Not only as a musician but also as a fashionista, he has always been incredibly influential to popular culture.
-He is contributing to the development of popular culture by gaining great popularity as a representative hallyu star in various foreign countries including China and Japan.

*SHINee was the best rookie hallyu star chosen by foreign netizens.
-They made a debut in 2008 by releasing "Replay."
-They ranked in the top 3 of Oricon single chart 3 consecutive times, while there have been no other artists who set such a record since 44 years ago.
-They're the first kpop idol group who performed at the opening concert for the London Korean Film Festival.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

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The Secret of Kpop Idol's Own Song

There are many kpop idols who write their own songs and make big hits with them, while most of kpop fans might think, "Oh, my oppa is so good at composing songs." By the way, there is a secret about kpop idols' own songs.

When an idol says "I composed my song this time," you might think he took charge of making the whole thing. Well, but it's not true.

Music composition is a complicated work. If you want to compose a song, you need to study harmony and counterpoint first, while you should also learn how to play musical instruments and use computer programs. 

However, as a matter of fact, most of kpop idols, who say they write their own songs have no knowledge of harmony and counterpoint, and they don't know how to play musical instruments either. During composing their own songs, all they do is just take part in coming up with some melodies. That's why they can't write songs alone and their partners(professional composers) take part in making the idols' own songs as arrangers.(With a shame some of idols do little to make their own songs)

Oh, don't get wrong. I'm not saying all the kpop idols are terrible composers and their own songs are fakes. First, not all the kpop idols are ignorant about music theory. Some of idol composers have wide knowledge about music and they do play a leading role in making their own songs. Second, there are some idols who show an exceptional ability in coming up with melodies even though they don't have an exclusive knowledge of music. Even professional composers praise them, saying, "The young and fresh idols always come up with a brilliant idea."

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

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Korean Securities Company's Evaluation of TWICE

Check out how's Korean securities company's evaluation of JYP's new girl group TWICE.(even though I don't agree with some of the comments. He is not the kpop expert) Hana Financial Investment issued the report on October 18.

TWICE's success is thanks to the change of strategy

TWICE, who has won 2 consecutive success since debut will release its new album on October 24, while it is worth noting that the girl group has been continuing its rapid growth. TWICE had many fans by appearing in an audition program "Sixteen" and took over various online music charts by releasing its new albums in 3-4 months intervals, which seems to be very clever strategy because music trends are changing very quickly in Korea. Especially, it is definitely notable that TWICE is focusing on appealing to Korean fans even though the girl group has many foreign members. YG's iKON used similar strategy too, but TWICE is becoming a successful example for girl groups.
Even though it has been a year since TWICE debuted, the group has sold a total of 140,000 albums, while Girls' Generation is the only kpop girl group who has sold more than 100,000 albums every year for the last 5 years. As TWICE hasn't kicked off its overseas activities yet, the result is very encouraging. And as the girl group has many loyal fans and is much loved by the general public, there is a good chance that the team will have a long run in the kpop world.
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The last chance given to T-ara

T-ara is coming back. T-ara will release its new album in November, while it has been a year and 3 months since the girl group released "So Good" in August 2015. By the way, it is notable that they chose a emotional medium tempo music as their new title track because the dance group won stardom with its danceable song "Bo Peep Bo Peep" in 2009 and has released many cheerful songs. Actually, there's reason behind why T-ara has chosen change.

You know, T-ara's bullying problem has surfaced in 2012, and the girl group's former member Hwayoung was kicked out of the team. After the incident, T-ara became the focus of public censure because it seemed that the members bullied Hwayoung.

T-ara has done many things to make a breakthrough. The members released solo albums and also have been active on various TV shows. However, it didn't work. There still is a public criticism against T-ara, while no one regards the girl group as one of the most popular kpop girl groups any more.

In this situation, T-ara's upcoming comeback will be their last shot to gain their feet. Actually, they've already done everything they could, and releasing a medium tempo music written by Duble Sidekick, one of the most prestigious kpop producers, is the last remaining solution. 

So, do you think T-ara will be able to gain their feet by making a successful comeback with its brand new album? The girl group's fate will be decided in a month.

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Reason why Naeun suddenly burst into tears at Apink's fan meeting

On October 14, Apink held the last fan meeting event for its "Only One" activity. By the way, Naeun, who is regarded as always being bright and cheerful, threw her fans into confusion because she suddenly burst into tears at the event. When she cried, Chorong cried right along with her, while the other members tried to soothe them. Well, here's what happened.

You know, Apink made a comeback with its new album "Pink Revolution" on September 26, but the result was below expectations. The popular girl group couldn't have won a No.1 trophy of kpop chart shows, while there has been a public opinion that Apink has had their day. In this situation, the Apink members got a lot of stress and burden.(The members said "It feels like we're still a rookie girl group" at the fan meeting)

So, at the fan meeting event, some of the fans shouted "Let's be together for a long time," and to this, Naeun and Chorong were chocked up with emotion because they could feel the love of their fans, who have been always supporting them.

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I.O.I talks about its last activity as a team (+ HQ photos of comeback showcase)

Q. You topped various online music charts with your new song "Very Very Very." How do you feel?
Nayoung: Actually, we didn't expect it and we just tried to do our best and wanted to enjoy our comeback. We do appreciate our fans' love, and we'll do my best in return for their love.

Q. It's notable that the song is written by Park Jin Young.
Somi: Well, as he is the representative producer of my agency, I was very nervous when I recorded the song. However, I felt great too because it was the first time for me to sing my song in front of him. He said that I'm very poor at Aegyo and I need to sing a song with more feeling.
Sejung: I met Park Jin Young for the first time when I took part in "Kpop Star" 5 years ago. When we recorded "Very Very Very," he told me that I've grown up a lot since 5 years ago. My heart was filled with pride at that time.

Q. A song written by B1A4's Jinyoung is included in the album too.
Yeonjung: Yeah, on Chuseok, he stayed up all night to work on the song with us. The recording ended at 7 am, and he had to go to film his drama right after it. I was so thankful to him.

Q. This will be your last activity as I.O.I.
Sejung: You know, we have 11 members from 8 different agencies, and a set period of our activity as a team is just one year. I'm very thankful that our fans and we could make wonderful memories. If "Reply 2016" airs some time or other, our team will appear in the drama.

Q. You have to part from each other after the promotional activities for "Very Very Very." Aren't you sad about it?
Nayoung: I could form a strong friendship with the great members and have been much loved by so many people. The parting is heartbreaking for me. I'm dreaming of a beautiful finish now.
Chungha: We promised to establish the day of I.O.I. We'll meet together on the day whatever may happen. One of these three days will be established as the day of I.O.I, April 1, May 5, and October 1.
Chaeyeon: I don't want to think it's the end. I'll do my best during our activities for "Very Very Very."
Somi: We promised to reunite 5 years later. I'll become 21 years old then.

Q. Tell me about your future plans.
Sohye: Nothing is confirmed yet. For now, I want to focus on the activities for "Very Very Very." After finishing the activities, I'll go into training to improve my ability.
Nayoung: Jieqiong and I don't have specific plans yet. We'll devote ourselves to the last activity of I.O.I.
Jieqiong: After finishing the last activity, I'll back to the basics and start work with a renewed mind. I expect I can show better of me in the future.
Yoojung: Doyeon and I don't have specific plans yet either. We'll be back to our practice room and prepare for our future.
Doyeon: I think I still have many things to learn. I have a desire to improve my skills.
Chaeyeon: I think it is right to focus on what I'm doing now. After successfully finishing my activity as a member of I.O.I, I'll talk about my future with my agency.
Somi: haven't planned anything because I promised I'd focus on the activities of I.O.I. I'll get training again and magically appear in front of you in the future.
Chungha: What I'm thinking now is that I have to wrap up the activity of I.O.I successfully. I haven't really thought about my future.