Hyuna to Take Legal Action Against Fake Nude Photos

4minute's Hyuna decided to take legal action against fake nude photos of her.

On June 5, Cube entertainment, the female star's agency, announced, "We found the original source of the photo fabrication and reported it to the police. We asked for stern punishment."

Photos of Hyuna wearing only underwear spread online, while the explanation written with the photos said that they were extracted from a Kpop idol's lost cell phone. However, people found the original version of the photos and made sure that the photos were fabricated.

Well, Hyuna has been continuously bothered by these kinds of distasteful things since her debut. There have been many rumors related to her in the world of Kpop. I can't say what those were, but the rumors were truly shocking.

Hyuna is a representative sexy female Kpop star, and even Kpop male idols say that she has some irresistible sexy charm. During a rehearsal for Kpop chart shows, it is said that the boys gather to watch Hyuna's performance. As she exudes sex appeal, she is always receiving attention of people.

For this reason, anti-fans of Hyuna abuse at her "hooker," and they fabricate nude photos and spread malicious rumors about Hyuna.

When I saw Hyuna for the first time, it was about 4 years ago, and I thought "She looks too skinny." She has small face and long legs, and it's true that she has some irresistible sexy charm. That's why she is widely acknowledged as one of the top Kpop stars even though she doesn't sing and rap that well.

Anyway, like I said through the other post before, You need to think about searching for fake nude photos of Kpop idol stars again. The stars began to deal with libel cases aggressively, and they will not just get victimized any more.

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